Mesa Federal Criminal Lawyers

Dealing with the federal justice system in Mesa, Arizona, isn’t easy. The laws are complicated and require decades of education and experience to work with them. Only an attorney who specializes in criminal defense in the federal courts will have a clue what to do when you are prosecuted. And only the most experienced professionals can obtain results and demonstrate their skill.

Our law firm assists defendants who are charged with any type of federal crime:

  • Racketeering
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Tax Evasion
  • Computer crimes
  • U.S. mail crimes
  • Identity theft
  • Bank robbery
  • Various types of fraud
  • Alcohol-related violations
  • Gun law violations
  • Murder
  • Rape

The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Attorney

We don’t just fill out forms and go through the motions. Our law firm puts the hard work into figuring out the weaknesses in the prosecution. We know what types of defenses work and which claims to avoid because they take the focus away from stronger claims. When you are dealing with the courts, the party who is able to state their claims with the most force and summary clarity usually wins. The prosecution likes to make cases very complicated with lots of errors for novice litigants to chase after.

However, if you stay focused and direct your attention to the key elements, there is no need to take the claims any further. A lot of times you will face this ignorant attitude by the courts and prosecution, no matter how strong your defense may be. They may say that a video or other alibi evidence is inadmissible if it is something that works firmly in your favor. Knowing when to hold your guns and keep pushing for the higher courts with immaculate error preservation is our specialty.

We will file motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence, inflammatory evidence, make-weight evidence, and hearsay. By eliminating the issues that can taint a jury and cause jury confusion, the prosecutors can become nervous. They are afraid of losing trial because they can be held liable for malicious prosecutions.

The strength of the system is that they often are unchallenged. A lot of novice attorneys are eager to take their client’s hard-earned money without putting a great deal of effort into the case. They do the bare minimum and may reduce the charges without pursuing many valuable defense techniques for a better result.

If attorneys do not focus on winning and researching the law and evidence for every case carefully, they will never be any good. The skill of litigation is progressive. An attorney who knows the law inside and out for one type of crime can then use that working knowledge to apply it to other cases with expertise.

Every small victory, skill, and tool is developed from years of experience. A skilled federal defense attorney in Mesa also has the ability to work with clients who speak Spanish. Because there are a lot of Spanish-speaking immigrants in Mesa, AZ, it is important for an attorney to remain flexible and to work for the community.

Our law firm also has access to private investigators, top forensic experts, and has a working knowledge of how federal agents operate. We will not allow the prosecutor to manipulate the evidence to make the case appear more cut-and-dry than it really is. Very few things in life are so black and white. There is always some gray area when it comes to legal disputes and events where one action provokes another etc.

In creating these black and white narratives, prosecutors often withhold or destroy key evidence. Our law firm will scrutinize the record and look for deliberate holes in the chain of evidence where suppression or destruction is evident.

There are a lot of times where the police will intentionally withhold video evidence and other key evidence of innocence when it doesn’t work for them. Yet, they will use secret audio recordings and videotapes when they are able to build some make-weight evidence with them. We do not tolerate these tricks and force prosecutors to turn over evidence or face the possibility of the conviction being reversed on appeal on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct.