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Memphis Criminal Lawyers

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Memphis Criminal Lawyers

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Memphis, a strong defense attorney is essential to have on your side. You want to hire an attorney who understands the various outcomes that could occur when you go to court and who knows how to put together a defense that can possibly result in your charges being reduced or dismissed altogether. When you’re charged with a crime, then you will likely be given a bail amount. If you’re unable to post bail, then your attorney can approach the court to try to get your bond lowered so that you can try to get out of jail until you go to court.

When you go to court, a Memphis criminal lawyer can question witnesses for both sides in order to get the most information out to the members of the court. Legalities of a search and seizure can be challenged if your attorney feels as though your rights could have been violated. An attorney can examine all of the evidence presented against you to determine if something might need to be thrown out instead of being brought up in court. If there is enough evidence against you and the attorney feels as though the prosecution has a good case, then your attorney can try to work on a plea deal so that you don’t spend as long in jail as you could if you were to leave your fate to a judge or jury.

One of the reasons why you want to hire a Memphis criminal lawyer is because the person often has more knowledge about the legal system than you have. The attorney you hire should know the law and should continue to study legal cases and information in order to represent clients in the best possible way. Sometimes, the attorney you hire could know the prosecutors who work in the court or the judges. This means that your attorney might be able to talk to these people before your case begins so that a deal can be reached that is satisfactory for everyone involved.

There is usually a range of penalties that could be given if you’re convicted of a crime. A Memphis criminal lawyer can present your case and deliver arguments as to why you shouldn’t receive the maximum penalty. The prosecution will likely try to seek the maximum penalty for the crime that you’re accused of committing, which is why it’s so important to have someone on your side who cares about your freedom and understands that people make mistakes. Your attorney can present details about your home life, employment, and your ties to the community as ways to get the judge to see that you should be released from jail in a minimal amount of time or not go to jail at all.

Your attorney in Memphis will likely have more resources to handle a case in court than you have available. The attorney you hire can usually collect more evidence than has already been obtained and can often use that evidence in defending you in court. A private investigator could be hired to try to obtain more information about the charges against you and to try to gather more evidence. You don’t want to try to take on these tasks on your own as it could be difficult to know what to look for when it comes to evidence and the proper way to collect it for court.

Types of Crimes
There are numerous crimes that could be charged with in Memphis. An attorney should be able to represent you no matter what kind of crime is involved. Keep in mind that some lawyers work in specific areas of the law, such as DUIs or personal injury claims.

Traffic offenses are usually the most common charges that an attorney can help you with as these could go in a few different directions when you go to court. If you have a lengthy background, then you could have to surrender your license or go to jail.

Abuse charges are often serious and should be handled with the help of an attorney. You could be charged with child or domestic abuse. Both of these charges could land you in jail for a few months to a few years depending on the severity of the details and your background.

Some of the severe charges that an attorney could help you with include rape, murder, and robbery. Keep in mind that you likely won’t get a bond amount for these charges, but your attorney can help you put together a defense that could put doubt in the minds of jurors or in the mind of the judge so that you don’t face the highest penalties. If you are convicted of a crime, then your attorney can work to file an appeal to try to have the outcome changed.

Memphis Criminal Lawyers

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