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Medicaid Fraud Defense Lawyers

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Medicaid Fraud Defense Lawyers

If you work in a medical profession, then you could find yourself being accused of Medicaid fraud at some point. Keep in mind that there would need to be adequate proof of committing this kind of fraud before you would lose your license or certification. As soon as allegations of this kind of fraud are brought against you, it’s important to seek the assistance of an attorney who can file the proper documents in your defense. Your attorney can also prepare defenses on your behalf based on the evidence that you provide.

Most attorneys develop some type of relationship with members of health care professions who can offer advice about Medicaid fraud and what to look for if you were to be accused of this action. Attorneys can represent you throughout each step of the allegation process from the initial investigation to the time you go to court to hear the final decision that is given by the judge.

One of the reasons why you want to seek the assistance of an attorney if you have been charged with any kind of Medicaid fraud is because there are so many issues that could occur. There are audits that can look at the financial records you have as well as the billing statements that have been sent to patients. If there are any discrepancies, then these details can be a sign that Medicaid fraud has occurred. You can then work with your attorney to show that your records are complete and that they have not been altered or falsified in any way. Your attorney can help you answer questions that are presented by those who are investigating your finances. Together, you can work to deliver complete statements and records as well as details that might not even be requested but that can benefit the investigation against you in the early stages.

Attorneys are skilled in representing you during formal hearings as well as litigations and claims that involve civil matters. You’ll also find that your attorney can assist with any appeals that have been made against you regarding Medicaid fraud findings. One of the first steps that will occur would be receiving a subpoena asking for information about your Medicaid records. There will likely be details about the types of records that are needed as you might not be required to submit all of them at first. Your attorney can assist with securing the proper Medicaid identification numbers as well as the proper information regarding your status in your healthcare profession.

Once you receive all of the document requests that need to be submitted, your attorney can then begin putting together a defense that could include not knowing that Medicaid fraud was being committed at the time or not realizing that someone else had a hand in the fraudulent acts that were taking place. In the event that there is enough proof that fraud has occurred, then your attorney can work with the opposing side to determine the best outcome for patients, businesses, and your office.

Medicaid Fraud Defense Lawyers

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