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Manhattan White Collar Crime Lawyers

While many types of criminal laws are directly related to violent acts, drug charges and more, there are also a full range of white collar crimes that you could be charged with. A white collar crime is a broad term that describes most crimes that are nonviolent and that are typically financially-motivated. Some of the many white collar crime charges that you could be facing today include money laundering, insider trading, identity theft, embezzlement, racketeering, forgery, copyright infringement and more. Because these are unique crimes that differ substantially from other types of crimes, hiring a Manhattan area lawyer who specializes in white collar crime defense may be an intelligent move. Keep in mind that some lawyers may work on all types of white collar cases, and others may only specialize in a specific type of white collar crime, such as cybercrimes.

There are numerous defense strategies that your experienced white collar crime lawyer in Manhattan may use to work towards all charges against you potentially being dropped. Law enforcement officials must use only legal means to collect evidence that can be used by the prosecutor. Your criminal defense attorney in Manhattan can potentially use the methods that the law enforcement officials used to gather evidence as a means to show that your civil rights were violated in some way. Your attorney could also argue that your rights were violated at the time of your arrest or even when you were being questioned before the arrest. Remember that any evidence that was obtained illegally may not be permitted in the courtroom. If evidence is thrown out, the case against you may be destroyed, or the case may be much weaker. In some cases, the prosecutor may be forced to seek a lesser charge.

You can see that a white collar crime attorney in Manhattan will take considerable steps to get the charges dropped or reduced up-front before the case reaches the courtroom. Your lawyer may also work hard to negotiate with the prosecutor for a reduction in charges related to a plea bargain. For example, if you have information that can lead to the arrest and conviction of other parties, your agreement to testify may be used to negotiate a reduction in charges or to drop the charges altogether.

Many charges for white collar crimes will be dealt with in a courtroom, and this means that your Manhattan area defense attorney will need to develop and strategically present a sound argument of your defense in front of a judge. With so many different types of white collar crimes and with many variances in each crime, you can see that your attorney will need to have considerable knowledge of the law and experience with many similar cases in order to develop the most successful defense plan possible for you. Your case’s circumstances are unique, so it is not reasonable to hire an general criminal defense attorney who may not have the knowledge and creativity to craft a unique defense for your case.

If you are convicted of a white collar crime, the punishment can vary from spending a short time in jail to imprisonment for decades. You may also be required to stay under house arrest, to pay a large fine, to complete community service and more. Your attorney’s obligation to represent you in court does not end if you are convicted of the charges against you. The attorney may also argue that you should receive a less substantial punishment. After this phase of the process has been completed, there may be grounds for an appeal. Your attorney may continue to work for you throughout this process as well.

While white collar crimes are non-violent, they are nonetheless very serious and have severe consequences on many aspects of your life going forward. The best outcome is for your attorney’s efforts to result in the charges being dropped or in an innocent ruling, but the attorney can also work beyond this to help you enjoy a better outcome even if you are convicted. Because of the importance of experience in this type of criminal case, spend time consulting with a Manhattan white collar crime attorney up-front before making a hiring decision.

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