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Manhattan Robbery Lawyers

The criminal charge of robbery is often closely linked to larceny. Larceny is the non-threatening or non-confrontational taking of personal property. This could include taking money, artwork, jewelry or any other items of value. In many larceny crimes, the owner of the property is not physically present at the time the crime takes place. Robbery is essentially a violent, threatening or confrontational way of taking these items from another person or entity. The property owner is usually in the immediate vicinity or very close by when the crime takes place. Because of the confrontational or threatening nature of a robbery, a conviction of this type of crime is more considerable than the conviction of a larceny charge. In addition, the punishment or penalty associated with robbery is more significant. If you have recently been arrested and charged with robbery, you understandably want to take every step possible to obtain an innocent ruling or to otherwise obtain the most lenient sentence possible. By hiring a reputable Manhattan robbery lawyer, the outcome may potentially be more favorable. There are numerous steps that your carefully-selected lawyer may take in order to represent your interests throughout the proceedings.

Multiple factors must be considered at various stages, and this begins with the attorney’s review of your arrest and of the circumstances related to your alleged crime. For example, the law enforcement officials must use legally permissible means in order to identify you as the perpetrator, to interrogate you and to arrest you. If your rights are violated at any time throughout these stages, your robbery lawyer may work to have all charges dropped. If the attorney is successful in this effort, you may be free to walk away.

In order to be convicted of the charge of robbery, the prosecutor must prove that you are the guilty party in the crime. More than that, he or she must prove that the act involved intimidation or was otherwise threatening to the victim. The location of the victim at the time of the crime may also be called into question. The victim did not necessarily need to be in the exact location of the crime, but he or she should have been close to enough to legitimately feel threatened or intimidated in some way. Your attorney may raise enough questions about the prosecutor’s ability to prove these facts that the charges could be reduced to larceny or a more lenient charge with a potentially lighter punishment. This could be negotiated before the matter even reaches the courtroom in some cases.

If the prosecutor decides to proceed with a case against you, your robbery lawyer can present a well-designed defense that could potentially result in an innocent ruling. There are numerous strategies that could be used, such as by raising a question about whether you are the guilty party and about whether force or intimidation were used in the removal of property from the other party. An experienced attorney who has tried many other robbery cases will have great understanding of defense strategies that are successful. Remember that each case has unique details, but your attorney should be able to draw from previous experiences and form understand of related laws to create a unique defense for your case. Drawing any doubt about the circumstances may result in a better outcome for you.

Even with your attorney’s best effort, there is a possibility of a conviction. After giving a guilty ruling, the judge must then decide what your punishment will be. Your defense attorney can request the most lenient punishment possible through the presentation of an additional argument. For example, if you have no prior convictions, this may be used as a basis for the request of the most lenient punishment.

Your attorney’s efforts are directly related to all aspects of your defense. The right attorney will have substantial experience with robbery defense cases and will be able to draw from that experience while working hard for you. It is clear that your focus on hiring a reputable, knowledgeable robbery lawyer in Manhattan could play a vital role in the outcome of the case. Schedule a consultation with a robbery lawyer today to begin the process of developing a defense.

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