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los angeles medical license reinstatement lawyer

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los angeles medical license reinstatement lawyer

Losing a medical license is not an easy thing, and for some people, it may feel like the beginning of the end. The revocation of a medical license can be the result of negligence, incompetence, substance abuse, or fraudulent practices among others. Reinstatement of a medical license is possible, depending on the type of case. A medical license reinstatement lawyer can provide the necessary guidance in the process. Getting your license back is possible but it is not necessarily facile. An attorney who has worked with medical practitioners in the same circumstances will prove helpful. Whether you are a doctor, therapist, nurse, pharmacist or practicing in any medical capacity, you can retain our services to aid in the reinstatement of your license.

Distinguishing Between Revocation and Suspension

There is a difference between a revoked license and one that is just suspended. A suspension means that you have lost your privileges to practice in any medical capacity temporarily. Once the relevant authorities lift the suspension, then you can get back into things. The period you have to wait until the restoration of a license depends on the terms of the suspension. Revocation, on the other hand, is for an indefinite time. Ideally, the holder must fulfill several conditions before the reinstatement of a revoked license. There is a third way that a medical practitioner can lose their license and that is by surrendering. Mostly, a surrendered license comes with some extenuating circumstances that a lawyer can help with.

How we Help

Dealing with a revoked license can be an emotional torment for most people. A medical professional who has been practicing for years will feel lost without their source of livelihood and passion. That emotional attachment may leave you vulnerable and at a loss of how to get your license back. We don’t deal with the same burden. Our objectivity is your advantage. We take apart the situation you are in to see what the proper actions would be. You must understand your position first.

Many variables will contribute to your eligibility for medical license restoration. For example, if there are drug tests, insurance, disciplinary actions, or fines, then we will advise you on how to proceed. In some instances like in substance abuse or injury, you may have to undergo a treatment plan before broaching the subject of reinstatement.

We also stay in contact with the relevant authorities. Approaching the license board can be a daunting task, which is why our lawyers will represent you. There are specific protocols to follow when seeking to have a medical license reinstated. We have the know-how to walk with you through all these procedures to make the experience painless.

If you are in need of medical license defense and restoration services, then we are the healthcare lawyers to call. We will handle the documentation required by the board, advice you on reinstatement conditions, and give the best towards your case. Reinstatement is not usually guaranteed but you can make certain to give it your best, and that is us.

los angeles medical license reinstatement lawyer

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