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Long Island Dental License Defense Lawyers

Becoming a dentist requires ample school work and financial contribution. Becoming a dental hygienist is slightly more affordable and takes less time, but it’s still a professional career within the medical industry that supplies a comfortable future for those who take part. It takes years of school work, internships, state exams, and fees to become a licensed dental professional in Long Island, but it takes only one allegation of misconduct or criminal offense to have that license suspended or revoked. In addition to no longer being able to practice in the dental field, those who lose their licenses also affect their financial future as well as their family’s future.

Dental license defense attorneys work for the rights of their clients, allowing them the protection they need when someone accuses them of misconduct while operating as a dental professional. Licensure disputes can cost a dental professional their entire future, which is why license defense attorneys work hard to ensure the New York Dental Board is provided the facts of the case to disprove allegations. Keeping a license in the hands of an honest and upstanding dental professional is what these attorneys do.

The New York Dental Board is required to investigate any allegations brought against any dental professional in the state. The most common complaints the board receives include the following:

– Breaching the standard of care
– Criminal charges
– Substance abuse
– Improper record keeping
– Billing fraud
– Unprofessional conduct
– Sexual abuse
– Negligence
– Reckless conduct

The moment a charge is filed against a dental professional, their license is at risk. It might be suspended for a period of time if the investigation turns up information that requires further information. It might be revoked if the dental professional is found guilty of serious charges. Dental professionals work to ensure their own future is a bright one, and they want the futures of their patients to be just as bright. When they are accused of misconduct, every dental professional deserves a fair and accurate investigation. When the investigation requires ample information that might take a professional away from his or her patients, it can further affect their future. Even the whisper of an investigation can change the way patients feel about an office, causing them to look elsewhere for their dental needs.

When a dental professional is notified a formal complaint has been filed against them, they should contact their attorney right away. The attorney files a legal response to the complaint on behalf of the accused. A hearing will be scheduled so that the person accusing the dental professional can speak out about what happened, as well as provide the dentist or hygienist with a chance to speak his or her side of the story.

The nature of the investigation is personal, but most require professionals provide sensitive patient information pertaining to the accuser, financial information, personal information, and more. If the accusation is one of sexual misconduct, the accused might need to provide video footage of the dental office if any is present as well as DNA samples. What happens during the course of the investigation depends on the nature of the investigation, but it might result in the professional losing his or her ability to work while the investigation is ongoing.

In some cases of billing fraud, it’s not the dentist or hygienist to blame, but the billing department or someone in the office. This brings about a new level of legal requirement for the dental practice, and an attorney is the only person who can guide the accused parties through the process until a satisfactory agreement is created.

To lose a professional license of this nature, the accused has to go through an investigation in which the outcome is not in their favor. If evidence of misconduct is found, the professional will go to trial where a judge has the power to impose fines, restitution, prison time, and a final decision about licensure. Without an attorney with knowledge of the law, a dental professional puts themselves at risk for being prosecuted for misconduct or criminal offense. Being accused of misconduct or criminal behavior is grounds for the revocation of a professional license, and it’s made more likely when the accused doesn’t retain an attorney.

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