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Long Island Criminal Deportation Defense Lawyer

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The Dire Need for a Highly Skilled Long Island Criminal Deportation Attorney: Defend Your American Dream

Deportation is undeniably the most tragic outcome an individual can face when faced with a breach of immigration laws, even if they have acquired permanent residency in the United States. A seemingly insignificant conviction from years past could be the catalyst for expulsion from the country if deemed guilty. This is why it is imperative for anyone in this precarious position to hire a competent, seasoned Long Island criminal deportation attorney with unparalleled expertise in both criminal and immigration law.

Crimes That May Spell Deportation: Don’t Risk Your Future

There is a lengthy list of criminal offenses that can ultimately lead to deportation. Some of the most prevalent ones are theft, robbery, burglary, child abuse, fraud, domestic violence, aggravated felonies, and crimes of moral turpitude. As contemptible and shockingly disgraceful violations of community standards, crimes of moral turpitude deviate far from ethical principles and moral compasses.

Be Wary of Crimes of Moral Turpitude: They Can Haunt Your Future Forever

Heinous acts like prostitution, rape, possession of child pornography, and murder fall under this category. Other examples consist of perjury, voluntary/reckless manslaughter, willful tax evasion, or aiding/abetting commissioning a crime against the United States; these might lead to imprisonment and subsequently, deportation.

The Consequences for Conviction on Deportation Crimes: A Grim Reality

Being convicted of a crime leading to deportation has grave consequences, such as denial of asylum, cancellation or deportation from permanent residency, suspension of the right to voluntary departure, inability to achieve suspension or cancellation removal, permanent exclusion or refusal of recognized good moral character (mandatory for US citizenship), and, worst of all, ineligibility for permanent residency or naturalization.

Do Not Let These Circumstances Define Your Life: Consult A Long Island Criminal Deportation Attorney

When faced with charges that could lead to deportation proceedings in New York City, it is absolutely essential that you immediately consult a knowledgeable Long Island criminal deportation attorney for legal counsel. These cases necessitate specific legal skills for the most favorable outcome possible. Even if already found guilty or given a guilty plea, an attorney still has the power to thwart deportation.

A Talented Long Island Criminal Deportation Attorney: Your Shield Against Unwarranted Punishment

An adept Long Island criminal deportation attorney can file an appeal or motion to vacate, provide post-conviction relief, review charges for potential reduction or removal of charges. In some instances, particular procedures may have been violated during the arrest or insufficient evidence exists that could warrant dismissal of charges. If a court persists with a criminal deportation case, the attorney may be able to reduce the charges to a non-deportable criminal charge.

Trusting the Spodek Law Group and Attorney Todd Spodek: A Partner in Your Struggle

The Spodek Law Group is a nationally acclaimed law firm with immense experience in handling a vast array of criminal deportation cases throughout the United States. They possess a deep understanding of immigration law and the intricacies of deportation proceedings, utilizing it to provide their clients with the most effective representation possible.

Attorney Todd Spodek brings with him over a decade of experience representing clients in criminal and immigration matters, making him highly respected among his peers and an accomplished litigator and negotiator who has triumphed in numerous criminal deportation cases.

At the Spodek Law Group, they empathize with how emotionally draining and stressful facing deportation can be, hence, they offer compassionate, personalized representation that is wholeheartedly committed to helping clients achieve the best possible outcome while safeguarding their rights and future in America.

Don’t Wait Any Longer: Contact a Long Island Criminal Deportation Attorney Today!

If you’re on the precipice of facing any charge that could lead to potential deportation, it is absolutely critical that you immediately get in touch with an experienced Long Island criminal Deportation Attorney for expert legal counsel. These cases demand unparalleled legal proficiency for optimum results possible. At the Spodek Law Group, we possess the experience and knowledge required to offer our clients the most effective representation possible. Don’t wait – contact us now and safeguard your American Dream!

Long Island Criminal Deportation Defense Lawyer

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