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Liquor License Violations Lawyers

If your business sells liquor or alcohol in New York, it must be properly licensed to do so. There are specific requirements that must be met in order for you to obtain the license. For example, you must be at least 21 years old, and you must not have a felony conviction on your record. These are only some of the requirements, and you will need to ensure compliance at the time of application. Keep in mind that the cost of the license will vary based on whether you plan to sell liquor with the intent that it is not consumed on-site or if it will be consumed on-site. An example of a difference of where the alcohol is consumed is between a liquor store and a nightclub. Remember that the license must remain in good standing at all times in order for you to continue to sell or serve alcohol to your customers.

You may be in violation of the license agreement if you sell alcohol outside of permitted hours, if you allow consumption on the premises if you are not licensed to do so and more. In some cases, a liquor license violation may result in a fine. In other cases, it may result in the suspension of your liquor license. Both of these factors can be expensive and stressful for your business to deal with, but these are not the only possible outcomes associated with a violation of the liquor license law. Your business could permanently lose its license. If this happens, you may be unable to operate your business or to sell the business as a way of getting out of the situation. The financial loss associated with this possible outcome can be devastating and could have a long-term impact on your personal and professional life. You understandably want legal representation to formally defend yourself against the charges that you are facing.

One of the more common liquor law offenses that you may be charged with involves selling alcohol to a minor. Some minors look very young and are easy to identify as soon as they enter your establishment, but others look much older than their years. In addition, the efforts that minors take and the technology that is currently available to them makes it very difficult for you to determine the difference between a legitimate ID and a fake ID even with a well-trained eye. Even if the minor misrepresents himself or herself by presenting you with a fake ID, you could still be charged with a violation of your liquor license.

If you are convicted of an initial offense of a liquor license violation, it may be wise to sell the business immediately rather than to risk future violations that make it impossible for you to do business or to sell the business. A consultation with your liquor license attorney will help you to determine if you can successfully fight the violation that you are facing and remove it from your record or if other methods are necessary to protect your interests.

One violation of the liquor license law may seem relatively minor, but keep in mind that subsequent violations can have drastically increasing consequences that can have severe impacts on your business and on your life. Whether you are facing your first offense or a subsequent offense, it is important to explore your options to defend yourself against the charges. If the violation stands, it may be possible for your skilled liquor license attorney to help you obtain a reduced penalty or punishment.

Because the laws are so strict regarding the liquor license, it is important to understand and follow the law to the letter. It is also important to consult with an attorney any time you are facing a possible or definite violation. Now is a great time to contact a lawyer for a consultation regarding any liquor license issues that you may be dealing or regarding any scenarios or concerns.

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