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Legal Strategies for Reducing Charges of Solicitation of a Minor in Miami

Legal Strategies for Reducing Charges of Solicitation of a Minor in Miami

Getting charged with soliciting a minor is scary. Even if you’re innocent, just being accused can ruin your life. So what can you do to fight the charges? Don’t worry, there are strategies that can help.

First, you need a really good lawyer. This type of charge is super serious, so you need someone with experience who knows how to poke holes in the prosecutor’s case. A good lawyer will look closely at the evidence and make sure it’s solid. If it’s not, that’s your first angle for getting the charges lowered or dropped.

Challenge How the Evidence Was Obtained

A lot of these cases rely on stings conducted by undercover cops. Your lawyer needs to scrutinize how the evidence was collected. Did the police use questionable tactics to get you to incriminate yourself? That could make the evidence inadmissible in court. Without solid evidence, the prosecution’s case falls apart.

Question the Minor’s Credibility

If the supposed minor is actually an undercover cop, their credibility can be challenged. Cops have a motivation to make arrests, so your lawyer can argue they remember things in a way that incriminates you, even if it’s not totally accurate. Their testimony might not be as credible as they want it to seem.

Claim You Were Entrapped

This strategy argues you only broke the law because the police manipulated or pressured you into it. Like if the undercover cop was super flirty and persistent about meeting up, basically forcing you into agreeing. This can work, but usually only if you have no prior related offenses.

Argue You Didn’t Think They Were Underage

If you can show you had good reason to think the person was 18 or older, this can help. Maybe their online profile said they were an adult, or they told you they were older. While ignorance isn’t a full defense, it can cast doubt and weaken the prosecution’s case.

Claim Diminished Mental Capacity

If you have a mental illness or disability that impairs your judgment, this may explain why you engaged in atypical behavior. Being able to show you weren’t fully in control of your actions could lead to reduced charges.

Allege There Was No Agreement to Exchange Sex for Money

An essential element of solicitation is that there was a clear agreement to trade sex for something of value. If you can show there was ambiguity or uncertainty about whether money would be exchanged, it weakens the prosecution’s case.

Accept a Plea Deal

Rather than risk losing at trial, many defendants accept a plea bargain where they plead guilty to lesser charges in exchange for a lighter sentence. While not ideal, it’s sometimes the safest way to avoid harsh mandatory minimums.

The bottom line is there are ways to reduce solicitation penalties, but you need an experienced lawyer fighting for you. Don’t go it alone against these disturbing charges. The stakes are way too high.

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