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Philadelphia Lawyers For Nurses

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Philadelphia Lawyers For Nurses


Philadelphia Lawyers For Nurses

Nurses work long hours under less than ideal conditions to provide medical care to people who need it most. If you are a nurse, you are the mechanism that keeps everything in your hospital, outpatient clinic or nursing home moving. However, there are certain things that can threaten your ability to do your job. If you are a Philadelphia nurse who is facing potential legal action, you may benefit from speaking with a lawyer. There are many experienced lawyers who are dedicated to helping you protect the most valuable tool you have, your nursing license.

Penalties That Could Be Imposed

If you are under investigation for negligence or malpractice, there are a variety of penalties that could be imposed such as:

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, the Board may also require you to receive additional training, professional counseling or place restrictions on the manner in which you can practice.

Common Offenses

Because the nursing field is broad and complex, there are a variety of situations that could lead to potential disciplinary actions. Some of the most common offenses that lead to malpractice investigations include:

  • Drug Use
  • Theft At Work
  • Refusing To Maintain The Proper Standard Of Care For Nurses
  • Violation Of Patients personal Boundaries
  • Lying
  • Improper Or False Documentation
  • Fraud
  • Failure To Keep Licencing Fees Current

You may also be subjected to disciplinary action from the Board if you are arrested for a criminal offense, even if you are not at work at the time. Some examples of crimes that may trigger an investigation include:

Reasons To Hire A Lawyer

As a nurse, you must have a license in good standing to do your job. Being under investigation for misconduct of any form by the Board is very serious and has the potential to affect your ability to work in the United States. If your license is revoked or suspended in Pennsylvania, you won’t be able to obtain a license to work anywhere within the United States. For these reasons, it is in your best interest to strongly consider hiring an attorney to protect your interests.

How A Lawyer Will Work For You

Your lawyer will be an advocate for you during the legal process. This means he will perform the following duties if necessary:

  • Provide Written Response To The Nursing Board On Your Behalf
  • Speak With Investigators Who Are Working The Case
  • Obtain Copies Of Any Necessary Medical Records
  • Negotiate Alternative Penalties With The Board For You
  • Go With You To Hearings
  • File appeals If You Lose Your Case

If you are facing potential legal action or discipline from the Board, it is extremely important to speak with an attorney as soon as you receive written notice of an impending investigation. Don’t allow investigators to convince you that everything will go away if you cooperate without an attorney. These investigators are not on your side and will use anything you tell them in court proceedings.

As a Philadelphia nurse, you have the right to fight for your nursing license. Contact an attorney today for a consultation and review of your case. Your lawyer will work on your behalf to obtain the best possible outcome.

Philadelphia Lawyers For Nurses

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