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Kansas City Federal Criminal Lawyers

Kansas City Federal Criminal Lawyers
If you are facing federal criminal charges in Kansas City, you need a federal defense attorney who has decades of experience and special skills in your type of case. If you hire a novice or try to go it alone, you will wind up hitting a brick wall. The federal courts are geared towards maximum efficiency and do not like when litigants are disorganized or fail to follow the procedural rules. Because you have limited appellate opportunities in the federal courts, it is paramount that you preserve the errors in your case at the trial level with great care. Only an experienced attorney knows when to object and can quickly put together persuasive motions to suppress unlawful evidence.

Evidence Manipulation

One of the key tactics that federal prosecutors use is evidence manipulation. They get away with it a lot of times because it is so hard to prove what they did or didn’t have unless they admit to it. Yet, an experienced federal defense attorney will be able to look at the chain of evidence. When there are big holes in a case that don’t make sense, it can create a lot of weird criminal narratives that simply don’t add up. Even if we are not able to nail the prosecution on an objective failure to disclose evidence, we can bring the issue up before a jury and back down that prosecutor into a hole when they have no explanation.

You will be impressed at the quality of our motion drafting. Our focus is to use as few words as possible, so that anyone can read your case and agree that you should be granted relief. This type of talent is hard to find in the realm of defense attorneys. This also starts to build up weighty issues for appeal. The trick with appeals is being able to express your claims in just a few pages and paragraphs. The courts are far too busy to read briefs that are not clear, concise, and persuasively written.

Because we have expertise in motion drafting, we can help you to build a strong defense at trial. If the judge rules in favor of suppressing hearsay, inflammatory evidence, and evidence that was illegally obtained without a warrant, this can make it easy for you to walk away. The prosecutor will be forced to either dismiss the case or risk his or her reputation and financial security. Prosecutors can be sued when they lose at trial and then face allegations of vindictive or malicious prosecution.

Even in the best case, they may have to give you the lowest plea bargain possible when their case doesn’t look so black and white anymore. The prosecutors generally rely on building up a case that is full of misleading evidence. They feel justified if they don’t have a conscience about putting you in prison because they think you are a bad person, for whatever reason. It takes a strong and experienced attorney to overcome their tactics and to shatter the delusion of guilt that they try to perpetuate.

The Amount of Work it Takes

Our law firm is skilled at handling any number of issues. We can help you out in both routine garden variety cases and also novel and complex cases. Because we have such a strong working knowledge of the laws and how to deal with litigation, adjusting and tweaking our techniques to work for you is not a problem. However, it can be mentally draining. This is why the prices for legal expertise are more expensive than what you would pay for a lot of hourly services.

An attorney must work countless hours thinking about the trial strategy and weighing different strategies in their mind. There are a lot of laws and facets of the laws to consider. It is only a skill that gets easier with time, although each case presents its own unique challenges. So, while the average car mechanic may be taking a break in between racheting off lug nuts, we are busy thinking all day about a case in our focus.

We can help you with everything from kidnappings to computer crimes to tax evasion. We have experience in drug trafficking, gun violations, immigration laws, fraud, identity theft, bank robberies, and much more. Please call us today to see how we can help you succeed in your defense.

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