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Jacksonville Lawyers List the Most Common Violent Crimes They Defend Against


Lawyers in Jacksonville See Lots of Violent Crime Cases

Jacksonville has a rep for being pretty dangerous, ya know? And the lawyers here sure see it all. The most common violent crimes they end up defending against are murder, assault and battery, domestic violence, robbery, and sex crimes.

Let’s break it down:


Florida has the death penalty, so murder cases are super serious. Premeditated murder, felony murder, manslaughter – Jacksonville lawyers have seen it all. These cases can get real messy with self-defense claims, insanity defenses, and provocation arguments. It’s heavy stuff. The stakes don’t get higher than life or death.

Assault and Battery

From bar fights to road rage, lawyers in Jacksonville see their fair share of assault and battery cases. Punching, kicking, shoving – it’s battery if there’s unwanted force against another person. Assault just requires putting someone in fear of an attack. Battery requires actual physical contact. These charges range from misdemeanors to felonies depending on how bad the injuries are.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence is common everywhere. But Florida has some strict DV laws that amp up the consequences. Just touching someone against their will in a dating or domestic relationship can count as domestic battery. Threats and harassment fall under domestic assault. Even just violating a restraining order is domestic violence. Jail time is likely.


Robbery is taking property by force or threat of force. If the perp has a weapon, it’s armed robbery – a first degree felony with up to life in prison. Even without a weapon, basic robbery is a second degree felony. Lawyers have to argue over whether threats or force were really used. Video evidence helps sort out these cases.

Sex Crimes

From sexual battery to molestation, the sex charges in Jacksonville cover a wide range. Sexual battery means oral, anal or vaginal penetration without consent. That’s a life felony. Even grabbing private parts over clothes could be misdemeanor battery. Lawyers often dispute consent or bring in rape shield laws. Underage sex cases involve strict liability – mistake of age is no defense.

The Takeaway

Jacksonville has more than its fair share of violent crime. The lawyers here have deep experience with all facets of these cases – from convincing defenses to creative sentencing alternatives. They’ve seen it all. So if you’re facing violent crime charges, don’t go it alone. Consult an experienced Jacksonville criminal defense attorney. Your freedom and record are on the line.

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