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Investigations of Federal Employees

No employee enjoys being under the microscope . When an investigation opens on a Federal employee, the scope of examination narrows in that much more. Accusations are sometimes false , and rumors spread like wildfire, but those factors never keep someone out of the spotlight of an investigation of a Federal employee.

Breaking Down Different Approaches

The federal sector has different approaches when investigating a Federal employee. No single policy or procedure covers every department in the same manner .

Disciplinary actions are handled differently by every supervisor. Many prefer verbal warnings while others prefer everything documented and placed in an employee’s file.

As with life, judgment calls made by supervisors may not always feel fair . Situations differ on occasion based on relationships with coworkers and friendships around the office.

The process of investigation sticks with an employee after they leave one job to enter another. It is always best practice to contact an attorney that specializes in the area of Federal investigations so that everything moves smoother and with fairness.

Criminal Investigations of Federal Employees

The fact is that many investigations of Federal employees take place before the subject knows they are under investigation . However, the employee targeted in the investigation will play a significant role in their interview. The employee should have their rights given to them verbally and in writing before the interview begins.

In some cases, the Federal employee under investigation is for criminal issues. In that case, their Miranda warning should be read in full and provided the right to remain silent until their attorney arrives.

Anything said after the Miranda warning is fair game to be used in the investigation. The best policy is not to speak until a lawyer has arrived .

Investigating Misconduct by Federal Employee

While Federal employees who are under criminal investigation get a Miranda warning, employees that are under administrative conduct investigation has something similar.

The Garrity and Kalkines warnings are typical for Federal employees. It is commonly known as the Kalkines warning . The notice advises the employee that the things they divulge during the interview will go unutilized in the case of criminal charges.

However, a Kalkines warning works opposite of a Miranda warning . The Kalkines warning removes the right for the employee to stay silent during interviews and questioning.

A straight Garrity warning is far more similar to a Miranda warning. It is explicit so that investigators may question people in an internal administrative investigation, but the person has the right to remain silent .

Deciphering Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary processes begin after a Federal employee is accused of misconduct of any sort. When an investigation is over, the employee will likely receive a written notice .

One copy of the notice goes to the employee and another to the employee’s attorney. Regardless if it lists disciplinary action or merely a resolution , the lawyer requires it for filing reasons and to close out the case.

Proposed disciplinary or disciplinary actions are of the utmost importance because a Federal employee only has a specific number of days to respond in writing or orally. The preparation for either response is through the employee’s lawyer .

The Federal employee’s lawyer is also privy to any evidence against the target of their investigation. After the reply is given in person or by writing, the employee with receive a response from a panel or a person that reviews these specific reports .

A written decision that either keep the disciplinary action the same, rescinds the proposed punishment, or reducing the punishment is the conclusion to an investigation of a Federal employee .

The benefits of using a Federal employee hiring an attorney is because they can assist in the following accusations:

  • Accessive absences
  • Mishandling money
  • Anger issues
  • Insubordination
  • Any conduct unbecoming a federal employee

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