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If Police Come to My Home to Conduct a Search, Should I Let Them In?

If the police come to your home to search it, you absolutely should not let them in without consulting your attorney unless they have a valid search warrant. What frequently happens is the police will get a tip from a tip line, a call to a police station, or an informant about a crime they believe has been committed, such as selling drugs. The police cannot go into the home where the crime may have been committed or is being committed without probable cause or a search warrant.

Instead, what police will sometimes try to do is to go to the individual’s home, knock on the door, and try to engage the person who answers in a conversation. They may ask the individual if they can search the home or come inside for a talk. Often, the person who answers the door will consent to the search, believing either that they have to consent or that nothing will be found.

If the police ever come to your home and ask if they can perform a search, tell them no. Call your attorney and explain what’s going on. If the police are asking your permission to search your home, it means that they do not have a warrant and can’t conduct the search unless you agree.

It’s never a good idea to talk to law enforcement or to let them enter your home without consulting your attorney. Although you may believe you have nothing to hide, let your attorney determine whether that’s the best course of action or not. People often get into a lot of trouble with law enforcement that could be easily avoided had they not cooperated.

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