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How Federal Defense Attorneys Investigate Your Criminal Case

How Federal Defense Attorneys Investigate Your Criminal Case

Federal criminal cases can seem intimidating. As a defendant, you may feel like the system is stacked against you. However, working with an experienced federal defense attorney can help ensure your rights are protected.

Understanding the Investigation

After you’ve been charged or notified you’re under investigation, your defense attorney will want to understand exactly what the government is alleging. This starts by obtaining all the discovery materials – documents, recordings, and other evidence prosecutors are required to turn over.

Your attorney will review everything thoroughly, looking for problems with the investigation, inaccuracies, missing information, and more. This review forms the basis of your legal defense strategy.

Interviewing Witnesses

A key part of any federal criminal investigation is interviewing witnesses. Both government agents and your defense team will want to speak with anyone who may have information related to your case.

Your attorney will likely try to talk to the same witnesses interviewed by investigators. This allows them to identify inconsistencies in statements, assess credibility of witnesses, and gather additional details to help in your defense. Conversations are privileged, meaning witnesses cannot disclose contents to prosecutors.

Seeking Additional Discovery

If your attorney believes there are materials related to your case that prosecutors failed to disclose, they can file motions seeking additional discovery. This could include communications between agents, physical evidence in government possession, or documents that harm their case against you.

Compelling disclosure of helpful information is a critical way federal defense lawyers work to undermine the prosecution’s accusations. Your attorney’s familiarity with discovery rules helps ensure access to all relevant case materials.

Negotiating with Prosecutors

In some cases, your defense lawyer may be able to negotiate with prosecutors, making convincing arguments why charges should be reduced or dismissed. Drawing on their experience and the evidence gathered, they highlight weaknesses in the government’s case and seek to avoid trial through a favorable plea agreement.

Mounting an Aggressive Defense

If settlement talks fail and your case goes to trial, an aggressive defense is needed to counter federal prosecutors. This is where thorough investigation and discovery pays dividends.

Your defense attorney will seek to create reasonable doubt in jurors’ minds by cross-examining witnesses on inconsistencies, bringing excluded evidence to light, and generally undermining the strength of all accusations. The right federal lawyer has the courtroom skills necessary to secure an acquittal.

Facing possible conviction and imprisonment is scary. But an experienced federal criminal defense attorney can stand up to the government on your behalf. With a skilled lawyer leading an exhaustive investigation into the allegations, you have an advocate dedicated to protecting your future.

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