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How Do The Federal Sentencing Guidelines Work In Fraud Cases?

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How Do The Federal Sentencing Guidelines Work In Fraud Cases?

One of the common charges in the American legal system is federal criminal cases. For many people, once they find themselves behind bars after a conviction for a federal crime, they see this as the end of the legal battle. However, this is clearly not true. There are two things that will happen after a guilty verdict is given. You will be required to appear before the judge for your sentencing, or you will opt to file a notice of appeal. An appeal is applicable when you are convinced that there were errors made in arriving at the guilty verdict. In order to make a successful appeal, you will need the help of a federal criminal defense attorney to help you through this important stage. At the appeals stage, you have an option to hire a new attorney in case you feel that your trial attorney did not meet your expectations. At this stage, it is also important to seek the services of a more qualified lawyer.


When accused of federal fraud, it is important to have a well experienced and knowledgeable federal attorney to help you understand the federal sentencing guidelines for fraud since they are extremely harsh. Such a lawyer will ensure that you receive the most favorable sentence.


What are you federal sentencing guidelines for fraud?


After an individual has been found guilty of a federal crime, he or she is required to appear before the same judge to receive the sentencing. At this stage you will learn the kind of punishment you will receive. It is another nerve-racking moment for defendant since it could mean serving a lifetime behind bars. It is an important moment that will determine your future and that of your family. Due to the weight of the federal fraud sentencing guidelines, it is important to have an experienced defense attorney to take you through the process.


The judge hearing your case will have to make a sentence based on the guidelines that have been set by the government. These guidelines constitute a range of punishments that convicted criminals will face. Most judges will look at the criminal history of the defendant and the severity of the crime committed before determining the kind of sentencing to hand over. If you have never been involved in a criminal case before and the severity of your fraud case is low, he will receive a favorable sentence. However, if you are a serial fraud criminal and have faced other charges before and probably have participated in a high stake fraud offense, you will definitely receive a harsh punishment.


Fraud sentencing guidelines are severe, and in most cases, they will involve serving jail time. After the government found out that cases of fraud were rampant, it decided to ramp up the punishments to instill fear in those who might be tempted to engage in fraud. Most judges will look at the amount lost in the fraud and the characteristics of the crime. By considering the amount lost, the judge will not only be taking into consideration the amount of money lost but the potential amount that would have been lost. In legal terms, it is known as a “reasonably foreseeable loss.” Another factor that judges consider is the number of victims affected by the fraud. If you hold a position of power, it means that many of your clients may have affected. A higher number of people will mean the sentencing will be severe. In the end, the judge will come up with a sentence that fits the case.


The federal sentencing guidelines for fraud cases are the guidelines that a judge will look into when determining the kind of sentence a person convicted of a federal crime deserves. Considering the severity of sentencing, it is important to work with a seasoned attorney who can help you get a just outcome. When facing federal fraud charges, and you are facing conviction, your life and that of your family is on the line, and therefore you deserve to fight to the last breath. A good attorney should be in a position to argue for an alternative sentence apart from prison. Other options may include house arrest, supervised release or community service.

How Do The Federal Sentencing Guidelines Work In Fraud Cases?

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