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How Can You Get Out of Credit Card Debt Without Paying?

It’s understandable to feel stressed about credit card debt, but there are ethical options to resolve it without avoiding payments. Here are some ideas:

Budget and Cut Spending

Creating a budget to reduce expenses can free up money to pay down debt. Things like eating out less, limiting entertainment costs, or downsizing housing can make a difference. Apps like Mint or spreadsheets help track spending.

Increase Income

Consider taking on a side gig like rideshare driving, tutoring, freelancing, etc. The extra money generated can go straight to paying off credit card balances.

Negotiate with Creditors

Call credit card companies directly to ask for better interest rates or settlement offers. They may be able to lower rates, waive fees, allow smaller payments over time. Being polite and persistent pays off.

Non-Profit Credit Counseling

Reputable sources like the National Foundation for Credit Counseling provide services to help negotiate with creditors. They offer debt management plans to consolidate balances into one payment. Fees are often on a sliding scale based on income.

Balance Transfers

Transferring high-interest balances to an intro 0% APR card can pause interest accumulation. This works best for those able to pay off balances within the 0% timeframe, usually 12-18 months. Balance transfer fees apply.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Banks, credit unions and online lenders offer debt consolidation loans allowing consumers to roll balances into a lower-interest loan with fixed monthly payments. This can save money long-term but closing cards can temporarily hurt credit scores.


Declaring consumer bankruptcy stops collection calls and wipes eligible debt clean. However, it severely damages credit for years. Consulting a bankruptcy attorney helps weigh if it’s the right step before taking the plunge.

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