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Houston Healthcare Corporate and Transactional Lawyers

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Houston Healthcare Corporate and Transactional Lawyers

The unique regulatory landscape that owners and operators of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, makes very important to have business transactional needs met. Demands on the healthcare industry creates a fruitful ground for lawsuits, penalties and fines if one thing is not in alignment with the rules. Such costly mistakes become easier to avoid when attorneys who have industry experience and knowledge of corporate governance.

Protecting and Promoting Your Interests

Whether you need assistance with a reorganization or disposition, guidance during an acquisition or assistance with legal matters, having a solid law firm can make the difference between closing a deal on favorable terms or a contentious battle that kills the deal.

What matters during either one of these situations is having a team of experts with the breadth and depth of healthcare law experience. You need a firm that is fully committed to ensure your healthcare business is abiding by the most current regulatory laws within the industry.

Attaining a positive outcome for your transaction is the number one priority in dealing with a wide range of business issues that concern your healthcare facility such as:

• Taxes
• Dispute resolutions
• Employment
• Antitrust
Real estate
• Mergers & acquisitions

Planning for Your Medical Practice

Just like any other business, your medical practice should cover the basic rules of business planning. Serving patients by delivering quality care is the service you offer. To make things run smoothly, you must have the backend of the operations in order.

With the current healthcare environment, being innovative in how your practice functions is vital. Profitable healthcare delivery models will help to ensure your business stays abreast of changes that could influence how services are delivered.

Legal guidance during these decisions can determine whether any of the models you want to consider are feasible and sustainable. Many considerations go into making that final decision:

• State and federal licensing regulations
• Corporate practice of medical issues
• Certificate of need
• Payor requirements
• Liability
HIPAA compliance with business associate partnerships
• Federal fraud and abuse laws such as anti-kickback and Stark regulations

The Business Side of Healthcare Agreements

Your medical practice is a healthcare delivery medium as well as a business. As such, you will need general healthcare agreements to function. Individual practices and full healthcare businesses usually require different business relationship agreements such as:

• Independent contractor and/or full-time employment
Real estate
• Leased space
• Equipment leases
• Recruitment
• Professional service

Each one of these agreements should be reviewed to make sure the business terms are favorable to your practice. Additionally, there are legal guidelines that these agreements must meet. Regulatory compliance is critical to the survival of your practice. Not only services, but your reputation is at stake if a violation is found.

Your attorneys can draft and analyze all contractual business relationships before you sign. This helps to ensure you are not legally bound by terms that conflict with the regulatory requirements that you must uphold within the healthcare industry.

Comprehensive Legal Counsel

Whether you have transaction that involves a joint venture, merger, risk assessment, loan negotiation or compliance with legal matters, you need the savvy legal skills of a law firm that has your best interests in mind.

Comprehensive counsel throughout the process gives you a better chance for success. Attorneys can outline the strategy and structure the negotiating so by the time the final agreements are drafted, everything you need to get the best deal possible is included.

In addition to what has already been discussed, specific services that you should expect include:

• Due diligence investigations
• Legal compliance assessments – evaluation of public health law requirements including Medicare and Medicaid, state privacy laws, pharmacy law, ERISA and HIPAA
• Assessments for potential fraud and abuse exposure
• Research and development agreements
• State certificate of need, Medicare and Medicaid certification process
• Evaluate transactions under finance agreements, union contracts, managed care documents, insurance policies and any other contractual arrangement that may influence or contradict the transaction

Houston Healthcare Corporate and Transactional Lawyers Provide Proactive Service

As healthcare business grows, Raiser & Kenniff, PC grows with it to ensure we bring our clients the best and the latest information that could impact their practice. We are aware of policy developments by maintaining industry relationships. Because of our keen understanding of healthcare law, we also anticipate regulatory trends and make sure you are prepared.

Contact us to begin discussing how our effective and creative business counsel can benefit your healthcare practice.

Houston Healthcare Corporate and Transactional Lawyers

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