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Healthcare Supply Chain and Purchasing Lawyer

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Healthcare Supply Chain and Purchasing Lawyer

Lawyers at Raiser & Kenniff, PC, have immense knowledge and experience helping all types of providers. Whether you’re part of a health system, a hospital, a physician, or a physician group, product and equipment manufacturer/distributor, or some other healthcare entity that’s part of the supply chain and purchasing operation – we can help. Our healthcare attorneys regularly advise, and provide legal representation for clients in terms of the full scope of issues that arise from the supply chain – in addition to operations, transactions, drafting contracts and negotiating contracts – and above all – making sure you’re in compliance with regulations. Our law firm understands the dense regulatory environment. We understand the unique challenges the regulatory environment poses. We understand that these challenges impact supply chain operations. Our healthcare lawyers regularly help clients with all elements of the purchasing and sales process of medical devices, products, and services.

Our healthcare law firm can help you navigate the complex regulatory environment when it pertains to transactions and all other business decisions being made. We specialize in drafting and negotiating purchase contracts. We help our clients ensure they are not committing fraud or abuse. That means taking into account the Stark Law, Federal Anti-kickback statutes, and making sure HIPPA implications are taken into account at every stage. Our lawyers have significant experience in helping clients on regulatory issues as they deal with physician owned distribution entities and group purchasing organizations.

Raiser & Kenniff’s team of attorneys has extensive experience in helping hospitals, and health system companies in structuring their supply chain operations in order to maximize efficiency while making sure they are compliant. We help manufacturers and distributors in terms of DA regulations and compliance, in addition to providing general industry guidance.



Healthcare Supply Chain and Purchasing Lawyer

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