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Philadelphia Healthcare Lawyers

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Philadelphia Healthcare Lawyers

When you’re working in the healthcare field, it can be one of the most rewarding jobs that you will have. However, it can also be one of the most stressful, leading to actions that are against the laws that are set for in Philadelphia. An attorney can help dentists, nurses and other professionals in the healthcare field who have received complaints or those who are being investigated by the medical board in the state. From minor cases to those that involve actions that could possibly mean the suspension of a medical license, most attorneys can walk you through the case that is unfolding, giving you insight as to what to expect and the options that you have when it comes to any kind of punishment if a plea deal is offered.

Many of the healthcare laws that are in place change on a regular basis. Some providers don’t keep up with those laws as they should while others tend to ignore them, thinking that they won’t suffer any consequences for not abiding by them. There are many laws that involve prescriptions and charging medical insurance companies more money for services that aren’t provided or for different services that are provided just so the healthcare provider can make a profit.

Agreements can be made with the physician and the attorney as well as others who are involved in the case so that everyone understands what is at stake and what could happen if the provider is shown to be at fault. The agreement is one that could have an impact on the provider’s future, so it’s important to ensure that the provider’s best interests are adhered to, which is what most attorneys will do when meeting with the client. Some employers will be restrictive clauses in an agreement, which could mean that the provider doesn’t get the full benefits of working with the employer. There are some employers who can add non-compete regulations, which means that the provider wouldn’t work for a company that is in competition with the one where the provider currently works. An attorney can help the provider understand all of the language that is in the paperwork, helping to make sure all of the information is available while the provider is with the company.

One of the ways that providers get more money from insurance companies and other people is through kickbacks. These are illegal in most states. They are like a gift that you would receive while providing information to a company or while promoting one service over another in order for a company to make more money. You would receive a percentage of the money that is made from the sale. The kickback might seem like it’s innocent, but it often goes against the non-compliance laws that are set forth in the state.

There are regulations in place about a healthcare provider’s license for a reason. If the provider doesn’t follow through with all of the requirements, such as working a set number of hours or attending classes that are meant to better the healthcare team, then the license could be suspended until those requirements are met. While this isn’t a civil issue, it’s important to talk to an attorney about because you don’t want to risk losing your license because you missed a few hours of a class. Many providers are faced with civil suits in a minor way as patients don’t like something that was done or something doesn’t add up on paper for billing purposes. However, there are larger issues, such as malpractice and writing illegal prescriptions, that an attorney can help with so that you don’t have your license revoked.

Philadelphia Healthcare Lawyers

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