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The Spodek Law Group is a nationwide law practice that handles virtually every type of federal case. We have a nationwide presence, and experience handling all types of federal cases, ranging from appeals, to employment law, criminal defense, and more. We’re not your average law firm – we are a second generation law firm, that is now led by attorney Todd Spodek – a reputable, and celebrity criminal defense lawyer. Our focus is helping our clients move forward with their lives and get the legal solution they need.

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Healthcare Fraud Lawyers - Federal Lawyers

Spodek Law Group represents clients in federal health care issues nationwide, including involving the CMS, DEA, OIG, and DOJ

Regardless of what you do in the health care industry, if you face a healthcare fraud investigation this is a serious issue. If federal agents are targeting your practice due to medicare fraud, medicaid fraud, DOL fraud, or other issues, then you might be opening yourself to civil and criminal penalties. Federal healthcare allegations can take several forms. For example, you could be accused of overbilling medicaid, or being accused of using medicare reimbursed funds to pay referral fees. Examples of healthcare issues include, but are not limited to, improperly prescribing medicine, dispensing issues with medicine, or excessive billing for opioid medications. When you hire a healthcare defense lawyer, you have an attorney who will assert your rights and build an effective defense.

Our firm consists of lawyers who have immense experience handling federal civil and criminal healthcare matters. Our founding partner, Todd Spodek, is recognized nationwide for his work. We can handle a wide array of cases, including, but not limited, to investigations by the DOJ, CMS, DEA, OIG, FBI, etc. If you or your business is being targeted by federal authorities, you want our experience on your side.

When you hire our law firm, we get to work immediately on your defense. Our team of attorneys have experience representing healthcare providers all over the USA. Unlike other firms, we have a deep understanding of the issues you face. We get to work fast, which means that the unproven allegations facing your business can be resolved faster – before they become public information, and devastate your business. When you speak to us, we’ll promptly assess your risk and give you an evaluation of your case. We are fully prepared to handle your case if it goes to trial, then means representing you at trial when the time comes – but trying our best to avoid trial.

Examples of Cases We Handle

We represent businesses and individuals alike in cases like license defense, helping medical businesses, administrators, clinics, hospitals, and more. We help clients who are being audited and investigated nationwide. We can help with a wide array of cases like:

  • Overbilling medicare / medicaid
  • Medication diversion and dispensing
  • Phantom billing
  • Billing for unncessary services
  • Double billing
  • Offering kickbacks
  • Coding violations
  • and more

We can help at all stages of an investigation

We can assist with fee for service contractor audits like MAC, RAC, and ZIP. Auditors for these programs have incentives to find violations, and lack the the knowledge to accurately assess a providers compliance with billing regulations. The Spodek Law Group understands, and can help providers with audits and appeals involving MACs, RACs, ZPIC and more.

Federal health care fraud investigations can be civil or criminal. Often, the involve multiple agencies, such as the CMS, DEA, DOJ, FBI, and more. We can help with any investigation.

Potential Consequences

There are many potential consequences of a health care audit or investigation. It all depends on the type of alleged fraud, and the violations you’re accused of committing. In all cases, consequences can be severe. Some businesses will be required to repay all overbilled amounts, and may be subjected to pre-payment review going forward. In some fraud violations, you may be excluded from programs. In addition to recoopment, providers are generally required to pay treble damages. Another potential consequence is license implications – health care fraud offenses can result in the loss of DEA registration, and trigger state licensing disciplinary actions. In addition, you could face civil or criminal files, in addition to potential federal imprisonment


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