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When you’re facing a federal issue, you need an attorney whose going to be available 24/7 to help you get the results and outcome you need. The value of working with the Spodek Law Group is that we treat each and every client like a member of our family.

Government Investigations Lawyers


Government Investigations Lawyers: Your Trusted Partners

When businesses or individuals face government investigations, the stakes are high and the waters can be treacherous to navigate. That’s why having an experienced government investigations lawyer as your trusted partner is so crucial. As former government prosecutors and enforcement officials ourselves, we understand how these complex cases unfold from the inside, and we use that insider knowledge to effectively advocate for our clients.

What Triggers a Government Investigation?

Government agencies like the Department of Justice (DOJ), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and others have broad authority to open investigations into both civil and criminal violations of federal laws and regulations. Common triggers we see include:

  • Whistleblower complaints
  • Routine audits that uncover irregularities
  • Media reports of potential wrongdoing
  • Referrals from other government agencies
  • Industry “sweeps” targeting entire sectors

Once an investigation is opened, the government will start issuing subpoenas, Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs), search warrants, and requests for interviews and testimony to gather evidence.

This stage is critical, as the decisions you make now will impact the trajectory of the entire case. Let’s look at some key examples.

Healthcare Fraud Investigations

Healthcare is one of the most heavily regulated industries, with many opportunities for both civil fines and criminal penalties around billing, kickbacks, false claims, and more. For instance, last year a Texas hospital system paid $48 million to settle DOJ allegations of fraudulent billing. Having skilled legal counsel to review Medicare and Medicaid claims can help avoid similar pitfalls.

Government Contract & Grant Fraud

With the government as your client, the stakes are high if contract requirements and grant guidelines aren’t strictly followed. In one famous case, IT contractor ADS Inc. paid $16 million for allegedly violating the Trade Agreements Act by providing computer equipment made in China. Our attorneys are experts in these rules and can help contractors stay compliant.

Tax Fraud Investigations

Whether individual or corporate taxes, the IRS and DOJ don’t mess around when it comes to fraud. Just ask celebrities like Wesley Snipes who served a 3-year sentence, or major companies like Ernst & Young which faced a whopping $100 million tax fraud penalty. Our tax attorneys and litigators work hand-in-hand defending clients in these high-risk cases.

Key Defenses in Government Investigations

Facing a government investigation can feel daunting, but there are powerful defenses we can assert on your behalf:

Attorney-Client Privilege: Protecting confidential legal communications is vital to mount an effective defense. We fight vigorously to uphold these protections so you can be transparent with your legal team.

Selective or Vindictive Prosecution: We scrutinize if you’ve been unfairly targeted compared to others who committed similar acts. And if a whistleblower has an ax to grind, we’ll expose that too.

Statute of Limitations: Depending on the allegations, we may be able to argue the legal deadline has already passed for charges to be filed. This defense has shut down many investigations.

Lack of Intent: For criminal charges, proving you knowingly and willfully violated the law is key. If intent is lacking, we can often get cases dismissed early.

Compliance Programs: Particularly in corporate cases, showing good faith efforts to train employees and detect violations can persuade regulators to use discretion.

Cooperating with Investigators: Tread Carefully

When government agents come knocking, many make the mistake of thinking if they have nothing to hide, there’s no harm in cooperating fully. While that may seem logical, it can backfire badly without experienced counsel. Here’s why:

  • Investigators are often on fishing expeditions, seeking anything questionable in your business dealings. We ensure you only provide what’s legally required.
  • Statements you make can be used against you, while explanations we offer on your behalf may be protected and privileged.
  • If charges do get filed later on, early cooperation is often expected. Preserving that bargaining chip for the right moment is key.

In short: Cooperate, but very carefully and selectively, with guidance from counsel at every turn.

Penalties: It’s Not Just About Fines

The financial penalties in government investigations can be steep, sometimes reaching hundreds of millions for major corporations. But the monetary fines are really just the beginning. Common additional penalties include:

  • Treble damages under the False Claims Act
  • Loss of government contracts/debarment
  • Additional tax liabilities
  • Restitution payments
  • Forfeiture of assets
  • Individual civil fines and criminal sentences
  • Appointment of corporate monitors
  • Damage to brand reputation

Avoiding these devastating penalties starts with engaging experienced investigations counsel at the first sign of trouble.

Why Choose Us?

When your very freedom, livelihood, or business survival is on the line, you need legal counsel you can count on. Here’s why we’re the right firm to defend you:

Deep Bench of Talent: With over 80 attorneys nationwide, we have the experience and manpower to handle major multi-agency probes. Plus, we staff leanly to avoid racking up legal fees.

Big Firm Resources, Boutique Service: We’re serious lawyers for serious cases, but we keep things personal. You’ll work directly with our partners and key team members each step and never get lost in the shuffle.

Nationwide Reach: With 19 offices coast-to-coast and a strong presence in D.C., we easily coordinate multi-district litigation and investigations. No matter where agencies come calling, we’ve got you covered.

Industry Insiders: Many of our attorneys have worked within the DOJ, SEC and other agencies, or served as in-house counsel for major corporations. This inside perspective is invaluable for clients.

Record of Success: We’ve secured dismissals, declinations, avoided charges, and negotiated tremendously favorable settlements for clients facing substantial penalties. Just read our case studies for examples.

When you choose our team, you don’t just get skilled lawyers. You get battle-tested advocates who will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to fight for the best possible outcome. We know how high the stakes are, and we’ll give your case the serious muscle it deserves.

If you or your business is facing a government investigation, don’t go it alone. Contact our Government Investigations Group right away for trusted advice and advocacy. We’re here to help!

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