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Georgia Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Fight Federal Criminal Cases in Georgia with the Right Defense Attorney

Are you overwhelmed by the crushing weight of being accused of a federal crime in Georgia? Looking for a ray of hope amidst the darkness?

Don’t panic! You’re not alone, and your fight is far from over. Understanding your rights and obtaining the best Georgia federal criminal defense attorney is the key to overcoming this troublesome situation.

Why Choose a Federal Crime Lawyer in Georgia over a Criminal Attorney?

You might be wondering what makes a federal crime lawyer different from a regular criminal attorney. Federal crime lawyers are equipped with extensive knowledge, skills, and experience that enable them to deal with complex cases involving federal agencies like the FBI, ICE, or DEA. As experts of intricate federal laws and legal procedures, they strive relentlessly to safeguard your rights and aim to secure the most favorable outcome for your case.

When Would You Need a Georgia Federal Crime Attorney?

Even though state and federal criminal cases may sometimes appear similar, certain crimes only fall under federal jurisdiction. In such cases, you need the expertise of a proficient Georgia federal crime attorney.

Some of these federal crimes include:

  • Failure to Appear on Felony Offense: Not showing up in court after posting bail for felony charges can lead to severe consequences like exorbitant fines or added jail time.
  • Failure to Pay Legal Child Support Obligations: When residing out-of-state from your children, non-payment of child support for over a year or exceeding $5,000 transforms it into a federal offense, impacting both parents and children alike.
  • Armed Robbery: Although predominantly a state jurisdiction, armed robbery on banks, government officials or federal property is considered a federal crime, incurring harsher penalties and higher fines than the state equivalent.
  • Arson: This offense, typically a state crime, becomes a federal crime when committed on government property or against government employees.
  • False Bail: Deliberately paying false money into or taking money meant for the court is punishable as a federal crime, regardless of whether it involved a federal or state court.

Is It Too Late to Contact a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Georgia if You’re Already in Federal Prison?

Have you been convicted and landed in federal prison, feeling defeated and desperate? Hold on to hope! Your legal rights and defense are still worth fighting for. The exceptional team at Spodek Law Group, led by Todd Spodek, has the expertise to review your case, assess your rights and options, and guide you through the next steps, even after conviction. It’s never too late!

Understanding the District Courts of Georgia

Georgia encompasses three district courts dealing with federal cases:

  • The Northern court serves Atlanta and surrounding areas.
  • The Southern court manages Albany and other southern areas.
  • The Central court caters to populations between these two regions.

At Todd Spodek Law Firm, our team can help determine which court is best suited for your case, tailoring our defense strategies accordingly.

Hire the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer in Georgia

Selecting the perfect criminal defense attorney for your case—particularly in Georgia—is crucial. Whether your charges fall under state or federal jurisdiction, you need a defense lawyer with a proven track record and a history of success.

Look no further than the dedicated, experienced, and passionate Todd Spodek team, excelling in both state and federal criminal cases. Don’t hesitate to reach out today and book a consultation to learn more about our life-changing services and how we can defend you like a champion!

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Georgia Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

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