Fort Worth Federal Criminal Lawyers

Texas politics can make the federal criminal justice system here a terrifying experience. The war with Mexican immigrants and the drug trade that is penetrating the borders of Texas can lead to a lot of political dynamics. Fort Worth, Texas, is particularly vulnerable because it carries a reputation for drug trafficking.

If you are accused of drug trafficking, conspiracy, or other related crimes such as gun charges or racketeering that associate you with organized crime, you need the best representation possible to find weaknesses in your case. A lot of federal prosecutions rely on unfair tactics to increase the penalties or intimidate defendants into accepting large sentences. Large sentences and large busts are good political tools for federal officials when they want public support and more funding.

In order to defend against these charges or many other federal crimes, you need an experienced federal defense attorney who has the skills and wisdom to mitigate or defeat the charges. A lot of defendants are overcharged and manipulated into signing their lives away by overzealous prosecutors. Whether you’ve been charged with fraud, unlawful possession of firearms, computer crimes, or other white-collar violations, our law firm is committed to exploring all the avenues for relief.

How Does the Federal Criminal Defense Process Work?

Our law firm starts out by scrutinizing the criminal information or indictment. This charging document has to meet very strict standards to comply with the Sixth Amendment. The document must set out the nature and cause of the offense with certainty to allow you to form an effective defense. You have the right to call witnesses and need to be formed of the details that could lead to video footage, witness discovery, and other forensic information.

A criminal information that simply states that you are charged with racketeering does not descend to sufficient details. The information and the affidavit of probable cause by the arresting officer must be specific enough to allow you to prepare a defense. If not, the court does not have jurisdiction over the subject matter. The continuance of the prosecution is dependent upon demonstrating that all the elements of the crime can be proven at trial and fall only to the discretion of jurors to decide credibility and weight of evidence.

We also scrutinize any warrants to ensure that they are properly drafted. Even what may seem to be a harmless mistake like switching AM for PM on the time of the raid can lead to evidence suppression. Courts can be hypercritical of processes for both defendants and officials. If the evidence of drugs, money, or other documents is thrown out of court, probable cause may no longer exist to prosecute you even if the government had a strong case.

We can also hire expert forensic witnesses to do their own testing. We work with private investigators who can figure out the background of alleged witnesses and uncover flaws in the investigation. In addition, our law firm can file pre-trial motions that ensure that any time before a jury is fair and unbiased. Our goal is to suppress any prior bad act evidence that could taint a jury. This is very possible unless you have a conviction for the exact same crime that you are now facing.

We can also help you suppress any inflammatory evidence. If phone calls, text messages, photos, or other bits of evidence are being used as props to make jurors hate you without having a lot to do with the elements of the offense, they should be omitted. Prosecutors have a penchant for playing at the passions and prejudices of jurors when they have a weak case.

Finally, we will request specific evidence during the discovery process by thoroughly considering where there are holes in the narrative. By forcing the hand of prosecutors to give up critical evidence that they are hiding, we can strengthen your defense and help you obtain an acquittal or mitigation. The U.S. Supreme Court gives more weight to specific requests for evidence than general requests when deciding the willfulness of the prosecutors Discovery-duty violations.

By preserving these issues for appeal and working hard pre-trial, most cases can be resolved without the need for a trial. If you wish to go to trial, we will work hard to produce the best result for our clients and file post-trial motions and more.