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Fort Worth Criminal Lawyers

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Fort Worth Criminal Lawyers

After being charged with a crime, the decisions you make immediately following your arrest will play a large role in determining whether or not you keep your freedom and reputation within your community. When you were read your Miranda rights, remember that the police stated you have the right to an attorney, and to also have that attorney with you when you are being questioned. While they say the court will appoint you an attorney if necessary, never place your hopes on a public defender who will barely glance at the details of your case before telling you to plead guilty and hope for the best. Instead, immediately contact and hire a criminal lawyer who has the experience, knowledge, and commitment to win your case.

Expert Advice
From the moment you are arrested and brought to jail, you will need expert advice from legal counsel you can trust. By having a lawyer working with you to explain each step of the process within the criminal justice system, you can make well-informed decisions and know exactly what to expect as your case proceeds. This will be especially critical when you are being questioned by police, since this is a situation where you could make mistakes that would sink your chances of walking away a winner. Once your attorney is present with you for questioning, you can be advised which questions deserve to be answered, specific types of information you can provide police without fear of self-incrimination, and be reminded of your legal rights should police try to cross the line with their questioning or tactics.

Dropping the Charges
Once a prosecutor becomes involved in your case, having a criminal lawyer representing you can mean you may in fact see the charges against you being dropped at some point. Though you were probably led to believe by police that there is enough evidence against you to make a conviction a certainty, don’t take them at their word. In fact, it is more likely they have barely enough evidence to arrest you, much less convict you at this point. By listening to your lawyer and letting them negotiate with the prosecutor, it may become clear to the prosecutor that their case against you is too weak to hold up in court. This, when combined with your lawyer stating they have a strong defense that will be very persuasive in court, can see you walking away with the charges against you dropped.

Time Is of the Essence
Upon being arrested, you do not want your case to drag out for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, you don’t want to spend one minute more sitting in a jail cell than necessary. But along with this, the slower your case proceeds, the more time this gives police and prosecutors to gather evidence and build their case against you for court. Rather than let this occur, take charge of your situation by hiring the best criminal lawyer in your area as fast as you can. Once you do, they can get to work making sure you can make bail and be released until your next court hearing, explain what is happening and the possible outcomes of your case, and begin their own examination of your case by hiring private investigators and forensic science experts to strengthen your case.

Knowledge of the Local System
Since your criminal lawyer has handled cases such as yours for many years, they have a keen understanding of how the local criminal justice system works. As a result, they have built up relationships with police, prosecutors, and judges, and likely know how certain judges may rule in a case or how determined certain officers and prosecutors will be in trying to gain a conviction. This can be very useful regarding your case, since this will let your lawyer plan a legal strategy that can negate a prosecutor’s determination, discredit evidence police plan to introduce in court, and work to your advantage when your case goes before a judge and jury.

The Great Communicator
From keeping you and your family informed of how your case is going to acting as a buffer between you and the media, your criminal lawyer can not only communicate clearly with you and others, but also help in swaying public opinion in your favor. If your case is high-profile, members of the community want to know the facts as fast as possible. By having a criminal lawyer handling your case, they can make sure residents and the media hear more than just what police and prosecutors want to provide at any given time. While there are always two sides to any story, making sure your side is presented in a favorable way can mean the difference between being found guilty or innocent.

Support from Start to Finish
Finally, once you hire an experienced criminal lawyer who is committed to your case in every way possible, you will have someone who will provide moral support from beginning to end. Even when you may start to think it’s time to give up and give in to police and prosecutors, your criminal lawyer will be there to tell you the many reasons why you still need to fight for your freedom and reputation. Instead of letting police convince you there is no hope for having your charges reduced or dropped, stay strong and rely on the advice given you by your criminal lawyer.

No matter how serious your situation, there are always viable legal options available to you after being arrested. If you know you are innocent or realize you should be facing lesser charges, don’t procrastinate. Instead, take your first step toward winning by hiring a criminal lawyer today.

Fort Worth Criminal Lawyers

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