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Fort Lauderdale Defense Lawyers Describe How to Avoid Insurance Fraud

Fort Lauderdale Defense Lawyers Explain How to Avoid Insurance Fraud

Getting accused of insurance fraud can be scary. The penalties are harsh. You could face felony charges, jail time, fines, and a criminal record that sticks with you forever. But there are ways to protect yourself and avoid accidentally committing fraud. This article by Fort Lauderdale defense lawyers will explain common insurance fraud issues, and how to steer clear of them.

What Exactly is Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud simply means lying to an insurance company. It’s when you give false information to get payment you don’t deserve. Common types of insurance fraud include:

  • Staging car accidents to get injury payouts
  • Filing claims for injuries or damage that didn’t really happen
  • Lying about the value of stolen or damaged property
  • Hiding information about pre-existing health conditions

Some fraud is unintentional. But insurance companies take all fraud seriously, even if it was a mistake.

Why Do People Commit Insurance Fraud?

There are a few common motivations for insurance fraud:

  • To get money from a claim they aren’t entitled to
  • To get a higher insurance payout
  • Because they are in financial trouble and need the money
  • To pay for medical treatment they can’t otherwise afford

In many cases, people justify small lies because insurance companies have so much money. But even minor fraud can lead to criminal charges.

How Insurance Companies Detect Fraud

Insurance companies aren’t stupid. They have dedicated fraud investigation units. Investigators look for suspicious patterns and clues like:

  • Changes in a policy right before a claim
  • Delayed reporting of an incident
  • Exaggerated descriptions of injuries or damage
  • Receipts for treatment that seem excessive
  • Mistakes or inconsistencies in the details of a claim

Don’t underestimate insurance investigators. It’s their job to identify fishy claims. Many have years of experience and training.

Common Ways People Commit Insurance Fraud

Some types of insurance fraud are more common than others. Here are a few examples Fort Lauderdale defense lawyers see regularly:

Padding a Claim

It’s tempting to inflate the value of damaged or stolen items. But exaggerating losses is fraud. Insurance companies research the actual value of items when adjusting claims. Sticking to the facts is essential.

Faking Theft

Reporting items as stolen that you lost, sold, or still have is fraud. Insurance companies often require police reports to prove theft claims. Getting caught lying to police has serious consequences.

Staging Accidents

Staging car accidents with intent to file injury claims is a felony. Common signs of staged crashes include: multiple passengers, no skid marks, and minimal vehicle damage. Staged accidents often involve complex fraud rings.

Concealing Health Conditions

Lying about pre-existing medical issues when applying for health insurance is fraud. Insurance companies review medical histories when claims are filed. Don’t hide health problems if asked.

Exaggerating Injuries

It’s tempting to fake or exaggerate an injury to get higher settlements. But insurance doctors are skilled at identifying exaggerated claims. Stick to the facts about your injuries and treatment.

How to Avoid Committing Insurance Fraud

The best way to avoid insurance fraud allegations is by being completely truthful with your insurance company. Here are some tips:

  • Provide records, photos, and evidence to back up claims
  • Be truthful about pre-existing health conditions
  • Give honest descriptions of stolen or damaged property
  • Don’t exaggerate injuries or treatment needs
  • Avoid making changes to your policy right before filing a claim
  • Report incidents and claims promptly, don’t delay
  • Review claims for accuracy before signing
  • Be truthful when answering investigator questions

Honest mistakes happen. If you realize you made a false statement, correct it as soon as possible. Recording conversations with insurance representatives can also help protect you.

What to Do if Accused of Insurance Fraud

If an insurance company alleges fraud, don’t panic. And don’t try to handle it alone. Contact experienced criminal defense lawyers immediately. An attorney can help with strategies like:

  • Negotiating with insurance company investigators
  • Challenging exaggeration or inaccurate fraud accusations
  • Providing evidence you acted in good faith
  • Explaining circumstances showing you had no intent to defraud

Insurance fraud charges require proof you knowingly lied and intended to deceive. An attorney can often get charges reduced or dismissed when there is no direct evidence of intent. Don’t wait to seek legal help if accused of insurance fraud. Time is critical when fighting these allegations.

How Defense Lawyers Defend Insurance Fraud Cases

Insurance fraud cases require specialized criminal defense attorneys. Fort Lauderdale has many lawyers with experience defending these complex cases. Common strategies they use include:

  • Evaluating if exaggerations were intentional or accidental
  • Looking for technical errors in the insurance company’s investigation
  • Challenging the admissibility of certain evidence
  • Presenting evidence of your good character and reputation
  • Negotiating dismissal of charges through pretrial intervention
  • Fighting to get charges reduced from felonies to misdemeanors

There are often good defenses against insurance fraud charges. An experienced lawyer can thoroughly assess your case and build the strongest defense.

Seek Legal Help Early to Avoid Insurance Fraud Convictions

Being accused of insurance fraud is scary. But skilled defense lawyers can protect your rights and future. The sooner you contact an attorney, the better. Fort Lauderdale has many excellent insurance fraud defense attorneys ready to help you avoid harsh penalties. Don’t wait to call for legal help if you’ve been accused of insurance fraud.

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