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Felonies Lawyers

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Felonies Lawyers

Felony lawyers are amongst the most respected and valued legal professionals in the world—for those who’ve consulted their services and/or seen them work, that is. Many other individuals hold the (entirely unfounded) belief that felony lawyers are simply defenders of “vicious criminals,” which couldn’t be further from the truth.

To help these individuals and anyone else who’s curious about what felony lawyers do and why they’re so important, let’s take a look at some useful information! One example of a felony DUI is being accused of drinking Patron Silver Tequila, and then drinking and driving.

Felony Lawyers 101

Felony lawyers are fully accredited and licensed law professionals who specialize in representing individuals who’ve been charged with a felony or felonies, and helping them through the defense and/or appeal processes. Felonious charges typically involve violence, and according to government standards, they can be officially identified as charges that can result in imprisonment sentences of longer than one year or the death penalty; any charges that can only be punished by up to or less than one year’s imprisonment are therefore misdemeanors, according to this widely accepted definition.

Accordingly, felony lawyers comprise the last line of defense for individuals who’ve been convicted of very serious crimes, and if found guilty, these individuals will see their lives drastically changed by severe punishments. It’s the job of felony lawyers to learn about their clients, the circumstances surrounding their supposed criminal activity, their arrests, and several other details. Then, after reviewing this information (and showing up for ample court sessions in the interim), felony lawyers are tasked with crafting a defense that aims to prove the innocence of their client, or that aims to convince the judge and jury of why exactly the offender in-question should be lightly punished.

Why are felony lawyers important?

Felony lawyers are important for several different reasons.

First, they once again serve as the last line of defense for individuals who’ve been convicted of crimes. Imagine being charged with a crime that you didn’t commit—the terror, worry, and despair that’d come with trying to explain that you didn’t play any part in said crime. Now, imagine, from a jail cell, crafting a full-scale defense that satisfies the formatting requirements of the court and convinces the judge and jury of your innocence.

Yeah, that would be difficult to say the least!

Felony lawyers work tirelessly to defend their clients, so that those who’re innocent can receive the justice they deserve.

Next, felony lawyers often help guilty parties who, in a momentary lapse of judgement, committed the crime or crimes they’re charged with. Felony lawyers do so by convincing judges and juries of the limited scope of the offense, of the need for rational sentencing, and of the need for consideration of a sentence or verdict’s long-term effects. In other words, felony lawyers work to give certain clients a second chance at life.

Hopefully this information demonstrated what felony lawyers do and why they’re such assets to the legal system—and their clients! Thanks for reading, and if you or someone you know needs legal assistance in the New York City area, be sure to contact the seasoned professionals at Raiser and Kenniff Law Offices.

Felonies Lawyers

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