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Federal Criminal Lawyers

The Spodek Law Group is one of the top rated federal law firms. We understand when you're facing legal issues, you need a law firm you can count on.

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Federal Criminal Lawyers

Are you charged with a federal crime? Contact a top rated, and top ranked, federal criminal defense law firm.

Your case result will only be a good as your federal criminal attorney. Don’t hire your family lawyer, or some random criminal lawyer, for a federal case. Federal court is nothing like state court. The rules are different. Everything is different. Criminal law expertise is important, but simply knowing a basic understanding isn’t enough. You need someone who has experience in federal court, and who has experience working as a federal criminal defense lawyer. Simply being able to read a law book isn’t enough, you need a federal lawyer who has real world experience, and has expertise in reducing or discharging federal charges. You want the BEST federal criminal defense lawyer. Unlike many of our competitors, we have a track record of clients.

Federal Charges – The Process

When you’re charged with a federal crime, there is a process: indictment, arraignment, and then trial.  There are many touch points in the process, and each step is important. There is no substitute for having an experienced criminal attorney. The beginning step is the complaint – which is followed by the issuing of an arrest warrant, followed by the actual arrest.

The prosecutors in your case will allege a complaint, which will also include reasons, etc, for the allegations. There will be a charge, and likely cause for why the government is arresting the offender. After you are apprehended, you’ll make an initial appearance befor ethe judge. At this step, the judge will decide if there’s enough evidence to indict you, tell you of your rights, and set bond. At this step of the process, you’ll want to retain a federal criminal lawyer.

In addition, a hearing will be done to decide if you should be let out on bond, within 72 hours of the arrest. Within 10 days of the arrest, a hearing will occur where the prosecutor will show evidence that you committed the crime in question The prosecuting attorney is presenting evidence to the grand jury. This jury then decides whether to indict a case. The case could then go to trial, unless a plea agreement is reached. The US prosecutor has to show whether the defendant is guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt. The sentence will be decided by the court, if you’re found guilty. Sentences can include a combination of jail time, probation, fines, or some other combination. The final stage of the process is filing an appeal (if you’re guilty). You have to file a Notice of Appeal within 10 days, after being sentenced.

Federal Criminal Lawyers

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