16 May 23


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Be the Hero Who Exposes Government Fraud: Let Spodek Law Group Guide You to a Massive Win!

Imagine being the courageous individual who helps uncover a massive fraud against the government and wins a staggering monetary prize! Under the False Claims Act, informants with knowledge or evidence of an organization swindling the government out of hard-earned taxpayer dollars have the power to not only report the crime but also receive a jaw-dropping financial reward. Frequently encountered cases involve cheating in contracts, acquisitions, healthcare billing, banking, and financial assistance organizations.

At Spodek Law Group, we comprehend the immense challenges faced by whistleblowers who step forward. Nevertheless, our dedicated attorneys will assist you in determining whether you hold a robust informant claim, collecting convincing evidence, and filing a powerful claim to aid the government in recovering its lost assets.

Eager to Become a Whistleblower? You’re Closer Than You Think!

Any individual who harbors knowledge of fraudulent activities perpetrated against the government has the potential to bring forth a powerful informant claim under the False Claims Act, thus contributing to fund recovery efforts. Partnering with the exceptional attorneys at Spodek Law Group, you could earn substantial monetary compensation for presenting compelling cases that lead to successful recoveries.

To qualify for an informant claim, consider the following:

  • Was the government—and not private businesses—cheated?
  • Did the fraud occur within the last six years?
  • Has the government lost a minimum of $500K due to the fraud?
  • Is this scheme still unknown to insiders or outsiders from the defrauding organization?
  • Do records or evidence exist that prove this fraud transpired? Or perhaps someone has witnessed it first-hand?

Gathering evidence may seem like an overwhelming task; however, our attorneys will provide guidance on assembling proof while remaining within legal boundaries. Using your evidence, we will develop a captivating claim to be presented during the crucial “disclosure meeting” or “written disclosure.” This first step captures the government’s interest in pursuing the case further while granting you the desired informant reward.

Filing a Whistleblower Lawsuit: Let’s Unleash the Power!

If you have uncovered an organization defrauding the government and are keen on bringing forth an informant claim, it is critical to consult attorneys who specialize in whistleblower claims and the False Claims Act, like the seasoned legal professionals at Spodek Law Group. Our team possesses the invaluable knowledge and skills required to assess your case’s potential, navigate the complex filing processes, and represent you effectively in court.

The essential element of an informant claim is being the “first to file.” If someone else has already initiated a claim exposing similar fraud, your potential award could be drastically diminished. Time is of the essence; swift action is crucial.

Filing a sealed complaint, or “qui tam” claim, within the appropriate federal district courts sets the process in motion. The complaint remains under seal as governments conduct crucial investigations, interviewing witnesses and scrutinizing evidence without informing the companies involved in fraudulent activities.

Once the sealed complaint is filed, governments delve into the details of the cases, ultimately deciding whether or not to intervene. Their participation in your claim greatly improves the likelihood of a successful recovery.

At Spodek Law Group, our attorneys meticulously draft comprehensive complaints backed by credible evidence. Additionally, they maintain close contact with government lawyers, offering valuable insights throughout the investigation process without offending any involved parties.

Although informant cases may experience delays, they can yield rewards totaling millions of dollars if successful at trial or settled outside the courtroom. Organizations found guilty of defrauding the government face severe consequences, including substantial financial penalties, and liability several times greater than the amounts they stole or failed to pay. In these instances, informants are entitled to a staggering 15%-25% of the recovered sums when the government intervenes, with specific percentages negotiated between attorneys and government officials.

At Spodek Law Group, we empathize with the tough decisions faced by whistleblowers and are determined to help. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation on potential cases. Allow us to utilize our expertise and experience to bring forth powerful cases that could lead to significant monetary rewards for exposing fraud against the government!


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