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Federal Defense Lawyers for Accountants


Federal Defense Lawyers for Accountants

Accountants play a critical role in our financial system, but they can sometimes find themselves on the wrong side of the law if they get involved in fraudulent activities. As white collar defense attorneys know, accountants accused of financial crimes face severe penalties like prison time, fines, and license revocation. Having an experienced federal defense lawyer can mean the difference between a felony conviction or exoneration for an accountant facing criminal charges. This article will explore some of the ways that skilled criminal defense attorneys defend accountants against financial crime allegations.

Common Federal Charges Against Accountants

While most accountants are ethical professionals, a small minority get entangled in financial crimes like fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, and obstruction of justice. Some of the most common federal charges brought against accountants include:

  • Tax Fraud – Intentionally underreporting income, overstating deductions, hiding money in offshore accounts, claiming false tax credits, and other schemes to lower tax liability.
  • Wire Fraud – Using electronic communications like email or wire transfers to execute fraudulent schemes to obtain money or property.
  • Bank Fraud – Knowingly executing or attempting to execute schemes to defraud financial institutions.
  • Securities Fraud – Deceiving investors by manipulating financial records, making false statements, using insider information, or other means.
  • Money Laundering – Engaging in financial transactions to conceal the source of illegally obtained funds.
  • Obstruction of Justice – Destroying evidence, lying to investigators, or impeding an official proceeding like a grand jury investigation.
  • Conspiracy – Agreeing to commit any of these crimes with one or more persons.

Skilled federal defense lawyers can often get charges reduced or even dismissed by carefully examining the strength of the government’s case.

How Lawyers Defend Accountants Against Fraud Allegations

When defending accountants, lawyers use a variety of tactics to fight federal fraud accusations, such as:

Challenging Sufficiency of Evidence

Experienced attorneys rigorously analyze the prosecution’s evidence to find holes in their case. For instance, is the documentary evidence authentic? Can witnesses accurately recall events from years ago? Is the timeline of events logical? Skillful cross-examination of witnesses can reveal contradictions or credibility issues.

Focusing on Intent

Most financial crimes require prosecutors to prove intent to defraud beyond reasonable doubt. But intent can be murky in complex accounting cases. Defense lawyers may argue the accountant made honest mistakes interpreting ambiguous regulations or poorly understood new types of transactions.

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Blaming Third Parties

Attorneys often try to shift blame to others like shady clients who misled the accountant about finances. Or they may fault negligent auditors who should have caught errors. The defense may claim the accountant was just a unwitting pawn rather than a mastermind.

Compliance Programs

Well-run accounting firms have strong ethics and compliance programs with training on proper practices. Defense lawyers can argue these demonstrate a culture of integrity rather than criminality.

Cooperation with Investigators

Fully cooperating with authorities from the start and admitting to unintentional mistakes generally leads to better outcomes than stoneswalling investigators. Skilled lawyers negotiate favorable plea deals in return for cooperation.

Sentencing Mitigation

Even if convicted, experienced counsel will advocate for minimal sentences by presenting mitigating factors like clean records, family obligations, charitable works, health issues, or cooperation.

Why Choose White Collar Defense Attorneys

Navigating complex financial crime cases requires attorneys with specialized expertise. When selecting legal counsel, accountants should look for these key traits:

  • Federal court experience – Handling federal prosecutions requires knowledge of federal statutes, sentencing guidelines, and procedures that general state attorneys lack.
  • Accounting knowledge – Understanding complex financial transactions, industry practices, and accounting regulations is crucial to mounting an effective defense.
  • Fraud investigation experience – Knowing how agencies like the SEC, IRS, FBI, and DOJ conduct probes helps lawyers identify prosecutorial weaknesses.
  • Negotiation skills – Many cases end in plea bargains, so lawyers must be experts in negotiating favorable settlements with prosecutors.
  • Trial experience – Although most cases plead out, lawyers must be ready to take a case to trial if plea deals are unacceptable.
  • Sentencing mitigation skills – Keeping clients out of prison and protecting their licenses requires mastery of sentencing guidelines.
  • Team of professionals – Lawyers collaborate with forensic accountants, private investigators, and other professionals to analyze evidence and develop defenses.

Selecting the right lawyer with relevant experience and skills can help accountants survive allegations of financial impropriety with their reputations, careers, and freedom intact.

Fighting Tax Evasion and Tax Fraud Charges

Perhaps no allegations strike more fear into an accountant than tax crimes. The IRS treats tax fraud as a felony with up to 5 years in prison and steep fines. Even negligent tax mistakes can still bring charges of tax evasion with serious penalties. Tax attorneys have various strategies to defend accountants against tax crime accusations:

Disputing Willfulness

Prosecutors must prove the accountant willfully violated tax laws rather than making innocent errors. The defense may argue the accountant’s intent was simply to take legitimate tax deductions or the accountant did not realize the returns were inaccurate.

Blaming Accounting Firm

Larger accounting firms have complex procedures for preparing returns involving many staff. The defense can contend that reviewers or auditors should have caught any false information before filing.

Compliance Efforts

Demonstrating a firm’s extensive training programs and internal controls shows a culture of compliance rather than intentional wrongdoing.

Unclear Regulations

Ambiguous IRS regulations that are subject to good faith disagreements can undermine tax evasion charges. Reasonable misinterpretations generally do not meet the willfulness standard.

Statute of Limitations

Tax charges must be brought within 6 years of an alleged crime absent special circumstances. Expired statutes of limitation can knock out charges.

Plea Bargains

Even if the evidence looks bad, skilled tax attorneys negotiate deals to get charges reduced to civil tax violations in return for paying back taxes and penalties.

Sentencing Mitigation

The defense will present mitigating personal and professional factors to judges to avoid incarceration and allow probation.

Fighting tax evasion and fraud charges requires tax attorneys deeply familiar with IRS methods and tax prosecutions. Their guidance can help accountants avoid catastrophic outcomes.

Protecting Licenses from Revocation

For accountants, losing their CPA license may be an even worse penalty than jail time. Attorneys use several strategies to help accountants retain their licenses after allegations of misconduct:

  • Cooperation – Admitting errors and cooperating with investigators is viewed favorably by licensing boards.
  • Remediation – Taking remedial ethics courses shows a commitment to reform.
  • No Harm to Public – Emphasizing that no clients lost money due to misconduct may persuade boards to forego revocation.
  • Unblemished Records – Long histories of ethical conduct without complaints, along with glowing professional references, make revocation less likely.
  • Second Chances – Accountants deserve opportunities to rehabilitate themselves and continue contributing professionally.
  • Proportionality – Permanent revocation is an excessive punishment for minor infractions or unintentional acts.
  • Appeals – Contesting revocations through administrative appeals or lawsuits has helped some accountants reverse or modify license sanctions.

With their licenses on the line, accountants need lawyers who know how to navigate professional ethics proceedings and convince boards to impose less drastic sanctions.

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