Philadelphia Federal Criminal Lawyers

While most crimes are prosecuted by the State, certain crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Usually, in order for a crime to fall under federal jurisdiction, the crime must be one that affects the whole nation in some way, such as drug trafficking. Regardless of what type of federal crime you’ve been accused of in Philadelphia, you’ll want to make sure that you have legal representation when you go into the courtroom.

Federal Crimes

There are numerous types of federal crimes, some of which consist of the following:

  • Antitrust Violations: If your business has fixed prices or created a monopoly, then it could be subject to all kinds of fines and other penalties. There are federal laws in place to ensure fair business practice, so if you’re accused of violating these business practices, you could be facing federal charges.
  • Armed Robbery: While armed robbery is usually prosecuted by the State, when the robbery is something that crosses interstate lines, then it becomes a federal case. For instance, if the victim of the crime is a bank or some other federal institution, then it becomes federal. Obviously, the penalties for federal armed robbery cases are much more severe than for those prosecuted at the state level.
  • Drug Crimes: Drug crimes are another type of crime that are usually prosecuted by the state, but if you’re in possession of enough drugs or you were charged with trafficking drugs across state boundaries, then you could be facing federal charges.
  • Conspiracy: No matter what the crime, conspiracy between two or more people to commit a crime is a federal offense and is tried at the federal level.
  • Bribery: Attempting to bribe court officials, police officers or anyone else in the judicial system carries steep penalties. Regardless of if you are the giver or receiver of the bribe, you could be facing up to 15 years in prison if found guilty.
  • Embezzlement: Embezzlement is a federal crime when the company or organization that you’re taking money from for federal gain is one that is run by the federal government. You could also be facing federal embezzlement charges if you embezzle from a bank or credit union.
  • Fraud: Fraud is usually always a federal crime, and it consists of lying for personal gain, such as lying about your income in order to receive more federal aid benefits.
  • Computer Crimes: Illegal downloading, cyber terrorism, online fraud schemes and other types of computer crimes are always federal cases since they cross the interstate boundaries.
  • Identity Theft: Knowing using someone else’s personal information is always a federal crime and is prosecuted in federal court.
  • Money Laundering: Money laundering, sometimes confused with embezzlement, is when you attempt to engage in commercial activities in order to cover up the money made from illegal activities.
  • Theft: While there are different types of theft charges, they become federal when you steal from a federal agency or cross state lines during your theft.
  • Possession of Child Pornography: It’s illegal to view or access any links that contain child pornography. Not only does this crime carry severe federal consequences, it will also come with life-altering consequences in the civil world too.
  • Tax Evasion: If you misrepresent your taxes in any way and the government can prove that you did it intentionally, then you could be facing federal prison and high fines.
  • Witness Tampering: It’s a federal offense to tamper with a witness by trying to get him or her to change testimony via force, bribery or any other means.

Federal Criminal Lawyers Can Help

If you’ve been arrested for a federal crime, then you’ll definitely need to enlist the services of a criminal lawyer who handles federal cases. A lawyer experienced with handling federal cases is well-versed in federal law and knows how to get you the most favorable outcome for your case.

Philadelphia Federal Drug Crimes Lawyers

Some of the most heavily prosecuted crimes under federal law are drug crimes. Should federal law enforcement believe someone is guilty of manufacturing as well as delivering drugs, they are pursued by a very dedicated federal law enforcement. A prosecutor will work hard to make certain someone charged with a drug crime receives the maximum penalties available under federal law. Anyone charged with a drug crime has violated federal and state laws. They may be prosecuted in federal court or a Pennsylvania court.

Drug Manufacture
A person can be charged if they had a role associated with making any type of illegal controlled substance. This could involve everything from working in a laboratory to make the drugs or utilizing the chemical process. One of the most common drugs manufactured is LSD as well as methamphetamine. Anyone who grows or cultivates a controlled substance defined as illegal, like marijuana, has broken federal law. It is also against federal law for anyone to rent, own or maintain a location where illegal substances are made, distributed as well as stored.

Possession Or Delivery Of Illegal Substances With Intent To Deliver
Drug possession with intent to distribute as well as drug delivery is against federal law. The definition of delivery is very broad. It includes any type of sale as well as the transfer of an illegal substance. A person does not have to actually exchange money for them to be charged with the delivery of an illegal substance. They can also be charged if they were the individual who arranged the transaction. When someone is arrested, and they have in their possession large amounts of illegal drugs, they can be charged by federal prosecutors with intent to deliver. This is also the case if they have a significant amount of drug paraphernalia in their possession. A prosecutor doesn’t need to prove a person actually sold or delivered a controlled substance. They just need to prove a person intended to do it.

Determining Punishment
The punishment for a conviction of a federal drug delivery charge will be determined by several different factors. This includes the amount of drugs and well as the type of drugs involved. Another determining factor is a person’s possible prior convictions. The location where the alleged illegal activity took place is also a consideration. Should it have occurred at a school, the punishment will be harsher than other places. A person convicted of a drug crime may have to forfeit all their property. It will be considered property obtained from the proceeds of criminal drug activity. Any property determined to have been used to facilitate an illegal drug crime may also be forfeited as well as anything involved with committing an illegal drug crime.

When Charged With Drug Crimes

*A person should be polite and refuse to answer questions from law enforcement. It is important they ask to speak with an attorney.
*It is important they do not make any statements to the arresting law enforcement officer.
*A person should never discuss their case with anyone from law enforcement or a federal prosecutor without first speaking with an attorney. What someone says may be taken out of context and used against them.

How An Attorney Will Help
A criminal defense attorney will carefully review a person’s case and analyze all the legal facts.

*Should a person have been stopped by law enforcement when they were in their car, a criminal defense attorney will want to know if there was probable cause. This is necessary for them to have legally searched a vehicle.

*A criminal defense attorney will want to know exactly where law enforcement discovered the drugs. It is possible this could have a significant impact on a case. Should the drugs have been discovered in a home, and there were other individuals in the house, the drugs may not have been their client’s property.

*A criminal defense attorney will make certain all federal laws were obeyed at the time a home or car was searched and drugs seized. Should the legal procedures not have been followed, a criminal defense attorney could file a motion to suppress all evidence discovered. They will make certain their client’s Fourth Amendment rights were respected during the arrest process.

Anyone facing federal drug charges will have to deal with laws that are not flexible. They will also have to deal with a motivated US prosecutor. An experienced criminal defense attorney will know all their client’s best options. They will know how to obtain the best possible result in a person’s individual situation.