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What Should You Do If You’ve Been Convicted of a Federal Crime?

July 23, 2020 Federal Criminal Attorneys

What Should You Do If You’ve Been Convicted of a Federal Crime?


It is important to remember that receiving a guilty verdict in federal court does not mean it is the end of the legal battle. The fight has merely just begun. Being convicted means you are now facing decisions with life-altering consequences, including whether or not you want to continue your legal battle at sentencing or if you want to appeal the verdict of your case. Your choices will hugely impact your future, so you may want some brightest legal minds to provide you with top notch legal counsel. Our licensed defense lawyers have extensive experience working in federal cases and are willing to step in at any stage of your case to offer quality defense. Our legal team can help you achieve the best outcome available in your situation, whether you are under investigation for a federal offense or you have just been convicted of a federal crime. Connect with us and let us begin defending your freedom.


Preparing for Sentencing in Your Federal Criminal Case

You need to prepare for sentencing after you have been convicted of a federal crime. Since you have to appear before the same judge who oversaw your trial and convince them that you deserve a favorable sentence, it is important to work with a federal criminal appeals attorney who can develop a strategic approach. With best legal representation, you have a great opportunity at attaining your desired result. Moreover, this would be the time to find new representation if you were not pleased with your lawyer’s performance during your trial. Bringing in a new attorney may provide a fresh perspective that could open up more legal options. Contact our credible defense team if you are looking for a new lawyer to represent you in the post-conviction stage of your criminal case. Our proven results showcase our dedication and skill level, making it easier for you to trust your future to our experienced defense attorneys.


Federal Criminal appeals in Cases

An appeal is not a rehearing of evidence, but a reviewing of legal procedure. You may want to consider appealing the judge’s verdict if you believe you received an unfair result in your federal criminal case due to legal error. Your trial lawyer may prepare your notice of appeal and briefings, or you may work with a new representation for this portion of the case. If your previous lawyer did not meet the reasonable standards set for an attorney in your district, you may even be able to claim ineffective assistance of counsel. If you are wondering whether an appeal may be a successful route for you to take or if you have questions about your trial, reach out to our defense team right away. We will do the necessary homework, review the details of your case and the surrounding laws, and determine the best course of action towards the post-conviction stage of your federal criminal case.


The Post-Conviction Stage of Your Federal Criminal Case

With ample experience in tough criminal cases, our team understands what it takes to get a conviction reversed. What sets us apart from other legal firms and gives us a unique outlook on defense is our vast knowledge and genuine care about our clients’ welfare. Don’t settle for a second-rate attorney in this crucial stage of your federal criminal case. Secure our legal services and we will keep you on schedule and ensure that you file your notice of appeal and order the transcripts for your trial in time. The sooner you start preparing for your appeal or sentencing hearing, the better your chances are at receiving the best available outcome.


Contact Us for Post-Conviction Services

Remember, reversing a conviction is difficult, but not impossible as you may still have a sentencing battle ahead. If you are looking for an effective defense towards your desired conclusion or if you have received an unfavorable result in your federal criminal case, let one of our top defense lawyers battle for you. Rest assured, we are committed to your criminal case and will do everything in our power to guarantee you are on track to achieving your deserved result. Call our toll free number or send us a message online for a free initial case consultation and to learn more about how our legal team can help you.



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