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What Is Strong Armed Robbery?

June 23, 2020 Federal Criminal Attorneys

A type of crime with the specific intent of larceny or theft is strong armed robbery. This crime is committed using a weapon and threatening force, intimidation, or committing actual force. The legal definition of larceny is the unlawful taking or carrying away of an individual’s property and intentionally depriving them of their property permanently. This could involve using a weapon to force an individual to give up something of value such as a purse, money, wallet, or vehicle. This also involves a person robbing a bank with the use of a firearm and leaving with stolen money.

Gun Requirement
To be charged with strong armed robbery, a person doesn’t have to use an actual gun or firearm when they commit the crime. The weapon used to commit the larceny can be anything from a baseball bat to a knife as well as an explosive and more. The key element is that a victim believed they were in danger because of the presence of a weapon and this caused them to permit their property to be taken.

Fake Weapon
A person can be charged with strong armed robbery even if the weapon they used was fake or even a toy. The important element of the fake weapon is that it was handled in the same way as a real weapon would be under similar circumstances. The victim believed the weapon was real and they feared being harmed if they didn’t give in to a robber’s threats or demands.

Victim Not Holding Property
A victim is not required to have physical possession of their stolen property at the time it is taken from them. It’s sufficient for the property to be close to the victim or in their control when a robber uses violence or intimidation to obtain it from them. If a person has a package containing recently purchased jewelry and places it on a table near them at a cafe. Then someone comes along and threatens them with a weapon and takes the package with the jewelry, it may be considered a strong armed robbery. The victim wasn’t physically holding the package at the time the robbery occurred.

Property Dropped
A theft crime can only be considered a robbery if it involves taking and then carrying away a victim’s property. The crime of robbery is legally complete once a thief takes the property of a victim even for a short time. This means even if someone commits a robbery and then later drops it, the person who dropped the stolen item has still committed a robbery. This is all that is required for them to be charged with strong armed robbery.

Someone arrested for strong armed robbery will usually be charged with a felony. This is almost certain if a deadly weapon was used during the commission of the crime. The definition of a weapon is often any weapon adapted or designed to inflict serious bodily harm on a person or causing them death. These weapons are often such things as knives, guns, knuckles, billy clubs, or other similar implements. The punishment associated with a conviction for strong armed robbery varies from state to state. They usually involve certain common penalties.

*Loss of gun ownership privileges
*Prison sentences up to 20 years
*Significant fines

Many states also offer alternative sentencing options. This is parole and probation. The background of the defendant and any possible mitigating circumstances will be taken into consideration. The alternate sentence will be based on state law.

Legal Defenses
There are a number of criminal defenses available for a person charged with strong armed robbery. This will depend on the circumstances as well as the details and facts surrounding the incident. A common defense is coercion. This is when a defendant was coerced or forced into committing a strong armed robbery. This happens when it can be proven a defendant or their family were threatened with harm if they didn’t commit the strong armed robbery. Another defense is intoxication. The level of intoxication needs to be sufficient to negate the criminal’s mindset to intentionally commit a strong armed robbery. This is a very effective defense if it can be proven a person was involuntarily intoxicated.

Anyone who has been charged with strong armed robbery could be facing serious punishment. They should immediately contact an experienced attorney. These legal professionals know how to protect their client’s rights and provide the best possible outcome for a challenging situation.



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