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Houston Pharmacist License Defense Lawyers

November 16, 2016 Federal Criminal Attorneys

Pharmacists all over the country are responsible for filling prescriptions, providing life-changing drugs, and helping patients stay healthy. But with such a large responsibility, it is only natural that their actions and behaviors are heavily regulated and monitored.

Because pharmacists control drugs that can cause addiction, serious illness, or even death when used improperly, they have checks that ensure they can be trusted with such responsibility. But when these checks show that something is not right, they may risk losing their license.

A pharmacist’s license is what allows them to work in their state. Without their license, they will be unable to perform the duties of their job. This is why it is crucial to maintain a valid license the entire time working as a pharmacist. If the safety of a pharmacist’s license is ever in jeopardy, they may want to contact a Houston Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer.

When Is a Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer Needed in Houston?
When someone files a complaint about a pharmacist, a review of the situation and the pharmacist’s behaviors will automatically start. For some situations, this review will not turn up any details and the pharmacist will be able to keep working and fulfilling the duties of their job. Other times, the review board may find something worth taking the pharmacist’s license away.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell how the case will end until it is already over. Even if the pharmacist has not committed a crime, evidence or details may be misunderstood or taken out of context, resulting in the invalidation of the individual’s license. This may leave the pharmacist looking back over the trial and wishing they had taken it more seriously or given it more attention.

To avoid feeling like something was missed, pharmacists under investigation should always contact a Houston Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer. Even if the pharmacist feels that the claim does not have validity or will not hold up, the help of an expert attorney will ensure the case ends in the pharmacist’s favor.

When Might a Pharmacist’s License Be Under Investigation?
There are many events that could lead to a pharmacist having their license under investigation, each resulting in different levels of consequences. Each investigation will begin when someone makes a claim or complaint against the pharmacist.

Claims and complaints can be made from a variety of individuals. At the most basic level, a patient or customer may make a complaint if their prescription is not filled correctly. Other employees of the pharmacy may make a complaint against a pharmacist if they feel the individual is not doing his or her job appropriately. Insurance companies may also make a claim against a pharmacist or a pharmacy if they believe insurance fraud has been committed.

While each individual may have a different reason for submitting the complaint, it does not matter who initially files the claim. An investigation will still begin regardless of the circumstances.

The claims brought against a pharmacist can also vary. In addition to not appropriately completing the job, pharmacists may also have their license challenged if they are using drugs or alcohol during work, if they are over-prescribing drugs, or if they are violating the health and safety codes of the pharmacy.

Depending on the severity of the claim, pharmacists may face additional crimes or legal problems in addition to having their license taken away.

Why Hire a Houston Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer?
If you’re a pharmacist and your license is under investigation, don’t sit back and wait for the case to end. You’ve worked hard to secure your job and gain the education necessary to become a pharmacist, so don’t allow one careless mistake to take that away from you.

With the help of a Houston Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer, you and your expert legal team can develop a defense for the case. When you adequately protect yourself from losing your license, you can continue working and doing your job. Don’t waste any time. Contact a Houston Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer as soon as you find out that you and your license are under investigation.



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san diego pharmacist license defense lawyers

November 15, 2016

Becoming a pharmacist is a long process. It requires years of schooling and experience working in a pharmacy, and it also requires substantial financial investment. It’s not inexpensive to attend school to become a pharmacist, and that’s why they are paid so well. Those who choose to go into business to become a pharmacist do so in hopes of securing a comfortable future for their family. They don’t go into business as a pharmacist to lose their license and inability to work when someone filed a complaint that might cause them to lose their license.

When an investigation is opened against a pharmacist, it’s imperative you hire an experienced attorney with ample experience defending the licensure of pharmacists and other pharmacy professionals with a state license. When Board of Pharmacies in any state open an investigation, there are a few things that happen. The first is notification. The pharmacist being investigated is notified of the investigation, and they are given a copy of the complaint filed. At this point, it’s imperative an attorney drafts an appropriate response to the allegations to present to the board. The most common reasons pharmacists are investigated include the following.

– Drug Use – When someone who works with a pharmacist in any capacity feels the pharmacist is using and/or abusing drugs, they are free to file a complaint whether the pharmacist uses illegal drugs or prescription drugs at work or at home.
– Alcohol Abuse – There is no law specifying pharmacists must abstain from alcohol at all times. They’re free to do what they want when they are in the privacy of their own home. However, they are not permitted to use alcohol or show up to work drunk at any point.
– Improper Prescription Filling – Mistakes happen, and no one can blame anyone for that. However, when a pharmacist is accused of improperly filling prescriptions, it’s a problem. Whether they were just distracted and misread a prescription or they were deliberately filling an improper prescription for a friend or loved one, it’s illegal.
– Over-Prescription – Another common complaint is in line with drug dealing. When a client enters a pharmacy and the pharmacist gives him or her too much of the drug he or she was prescribed, it’s a form of drug dealing.
– Inadequate Record Keeping – For various reasons, it’s imperative a pharmacist keeps impeccable records. Not doing so does put the client’s lives at risk.
– Fraudulent Insurance Billing – Pharmacists are required to handle insurance for their patients, and it becomes necessary for them to handle several billing issues. When they send in misinformation or over-charge for specific procedures, it becomes a problem.

Anyone who witnesses or suspects this kind of misconduct of any sort is required to report it to the state board of pharmacists. Not doing so is illegal, and it’s a form of assisting the pharmacist in question. Anyone can file a complaint with the state, from a customer to a coworker to a medical billing agency.

Once charges are filed, an investigation is open. Even when an attorney is hired and a response is sent in, investigators are legally bound to do their part. They’re looking for specific evidence to prove the allegations are true and the accuser’s claims have a basis for suspension or revocation of a license. In many cases, even if the pharmacist is found guilty, they’re not necessarily going to lose their license. Some judges are more lenient than others and provide a second chance, particularly if the incident that occurred with a mistake of some sort or if the pharmacist agrees to seek medical attention for an addiction.

The entire future of a pharmacist and his family is at stake when an investigation is opened, and an attorney with experience is able to handle issues like this with ease. Let an attorney help you keep your license if you are accused of any misconduct in the office. License suspension and revocation is not something any professional wants handled lightly. The state doesn’t make amendments when a license is revoked, which is why it’s imperative you handle this now.

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