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Manhattan Deportation Lawyers

June 14, 2018 Federal Criminal Attorneys

Generations of people have left their native countries and come to the United States with a dream of making a life here. The rich history of welcoming immigrants, especially in New York, should not be diminished by an increasingly complex immigration system. The maze of paperwork and administrative requirements hounds those wanting to enter the country in ways that causes some to enter the U.S. without inspection. This unfortunately leaves them in fear of removal before their dream becomes a reality.

Manhattan deportation lawyers understand what inspiring immigrants and people with temporary visas are going through. With experience and knowledge of immigration law, they make every effort to remove the guesswork and give clients peace of mind.

Immigration Consequences When Facing Criminal Charges

Facing criminal charges is a serious issue for anyone. Being an immigrant facing deportation as a result of a crime adds to the concern. They are in jeopardy of removal even if they plead no contest for an act for which they are not convicted. Additionally, using fake or fraudulent documents can lead to being denied naturalization, reentry or a visa into the U.S.

Individuals here in a non-immigrant status may never have a chance of obtaining a green card. If they already have a green card, they may lose this hard-earned status and be deported.

These consequences for being in an immigration status are often illogical and harsh. Therefore, it is essential to understand how a criminal conviction – or implication of guilt – can affect the immigration status of you or a family member.

Living in the Shadows

Entering the country without proper documentation forces many to live on the fringes of society. This causes them to be denied employment that helps them care for their families. They are also unable to qualify for different government programs. Add to this living situation, they are also living under a constant threat of being discovered and deported.

To survive and avoid going back to a country some no longer know, they live in the shadows. Any work they find may expose them to being taken advantage of by not getting a fair wage. This type of work also keeps them from paying into the tax system.

If this is your situation or the situation of someone you love, a lawyer can help you understand the options as a non-citizen and how you can gain permanent legal residency. You may qualify for an adjustment of status such as deferred action if you came to this country as a child. If you or a loved one have already been discovered by immigration authorities, a deportation lawyer in Manhattan can zealously represent you during deportation proceedings and subsequent appeals.

Relief from Deportation

In many cases, relief from deportation is possible. It is critical that you speak with an experienced immigration lawyer if something from your past, such as a criminal charge, can trigger removal proceedings. Speaking with a lawyer is also important if you have received a Notice to Appear document.

Talking with a deportation lawyer before removal proceedings begin helps to give you a better idea of what you are facing, including the options available to you and your loved one. The lawyer will be able to present your case to the judge in the most favorable light.

If a loved one has the unfortunate experience of being in an immigration detention center, a lawyer can help find solutions such as:

• Locate a family member being held in immigration detention
• Find out if they are being transferred to another state
• Find out if your loved one can have visitors or phone calls
• Determine if they are eligible for bail or conditional release
• Make sure they receive sound legal advice if facing criminal charges

Find Manhattan Deportation Lawyers to Defend Your Rights

Manhattan deportation lawyers can advise you about your rights when you or a loved one face all matter related to immigration. This includes detention proceedings, knowing the status of a work or student visa, criminal charge or the risk of being deported as an undocumented immigrant based on illegal entry, removability or inadmissibility.

These lawyers are prepared to defend your rights during removal proceedings. The resolution of your case may occur through one of many legal strategies including:

• Adjustment of status
• Cancellation of removal
• Waivers of deportability and inadmissibility
• Appeals of removal orders
• Defensive asylum

There are some common factors that immigration judges look at when considering deportation waiver applications. This includes how long you or a loved one have lived in the U.S. with or without a green card, and if an immediate family member is a citizen.

If you or a loved one currently has a pending criminal case, Manhattan deportation lawyers can work to negotiate a resolution of the case or a sentence structure that does not have an adverse effect on your immigration status.



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