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FINRA Enforcement Defense Lawyer

May 16, 2018 Federal Criminal Attorneys

FINRA is an independent body that regulates the financial markets. It protects the interests of investors by ensuring that actors in the financial markets such as financial advisors and broker-dealers are fair in their dealings. They also ensure compliance with the rules set by other regulatory bodies. FINRA has the power to launch disciplinary proceedings against individuals and brokerage firms. It then imposes severe penalties on those found guilty of non-compliance. The penalties can be in the form of fines, suspension, or even a permanent ban from the industry.

Due to the severity penalties, full compliance with the set regulations should be a priority for every broker and firm. At Farar & Lewis LLP, we have a team of dedicated FINRA compliance defense lawyers. Having been in the industry for many years, the attorneys understand FINRA regulations in and out. Furthermore, they have helped many clients achieve full FINRA compliance. They will take time to evaluate your day to day activities and point out the actions that are likely to put you on FINRA’s radar. Besides that, when FINRA investigators come knocking, our team of no-nonsense lawyers will defend you with conviction and passion.

There are many reasons why FINRA investigators would want to review your conduct. These reasons include complaints from customers, tips from other industry players, referrals from employers or regulatory bodies, and surveillance reports. FINRA conducts disciplinary procedures through settlements or formal complaints. In the case of a settlement, the broker or firm solves the case through a letter of waiver, consent, or acceptance. Formal complaints are heard before a bench of FINRA officers. The accused brokers are given a chance to defend themselves after which the FINRA bench pronounces its verdict. Last year, FINRA initiated more than 1300 cases. The cases resulted in $133.6 million in reimbursements to affected investors.

Both formal complaints and settlements can have favorable and unfavorable outcomes. Before deciding the way to go, it is advisable to contact a FINRA compliance defense lawyer. These lawyers know the circumstances under which each of the methods is suitable.

More about FINRA

FINRA was commissioned by Congress to minimize fraud in the securities markets by monitoring the activities of brokers and brokerage firms. Today, FINRA oversees over 630,000 brokers and 3,900 brokerage firms. It also analyzes more than 50 Billion financial transactions every day. Every broker who eyes the USA market must register with FINRA.

To ensure fairness and integrity in the securities market, FINRA makes and enforces rules that govern broker-investor deals. It is also involved in assessing and licensing brokers.

Where to find FINRA compliance lawyers

You can contact Farar & Lewis LLP for FINRA compliance legal services. Our services include

  • Providing SEC and FINRA compliance recommendations
  • Arbtration in FINRA disputes
  • Handling FINRA and SEC compliance assessments and enforcement measured
  • Dratfting and reviewing critical documents such as letters of waiver and promissory notes
  • Handling of FINRA registration and disqualification cases
  • Defending brokers facing CFP board inquiries
  • Defense of SEC examination and enforcement measures
  • Expungment of negative disclosures from Form U4/U5/BD
  • Going through client advisory agreements
  • Helping brokers in moving from one brokerage firm to the other



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