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Federal Counterfeiting Defense Attorney

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Federal Counterfeiting Defense Attorney

Federal Counterfeiting Defense Attorney

Counterfeiting has always been regarded by the federal government as a serious threat to the financial system of the nation. However, with programs for training, international strategic initiatives, and the ever-growing technology, agencies for law enforcement have come up with targeting the people involved in counterfeiting as well as their networks of distribution.


If you are charged with a crime involving counterfeiting or you have been targeted for investigations, you require an attorney of the federal defense who is experienced enough to aggressively fight and get your rights as well as your freedom protected. Being convicted for counterfeiting may lead to a jail term of up to twenty years and/or a fine amounting to $250000. It is therefore advisable not to delay starting to come up with a reliable defense as the consequences are dire. Get in touch with us now.

Offenses of counterfeiting.

Based on federal law, the crime of counterfeiting is defined as involving distribution or the distribution of fake or counterfeit securities or currencies, various goods as well as specified document types. The statutes prohibit specifically the use, selling, or creation of fake foreign or United States securities or currency. Furthermore, it makes it illegal to sell or possess images or imprints that can be or intended to be used in creating fake securities or currency.


Moreover, federal statutes illegalize the forging, distribution or creation of a variety of fake documents, for instance, government contract documents, lending institutions documents, documents for the federal court as well as custom and imports duty documents. Also, some of the explicitly abolished documents under federal law include USPS stamps that are counterfeited, federal agency seals, fake bonds among other public documents focused at defrauding the United States government.


Another federal crime is the trafficking that involves fake goods, normally involves infringement of trademark rights. Some of the goods that are counterfeited may include national identity cards, passports, artworks, watches, credit cards, electronics, or clothing.

Defenses against charges of counterfeiting

In order to get a person convicted for crimes of counterfeiting, a prove by the federal prosecutors must be satisfied that there was an intention for you to defraud someone. This means that prosecutors will be required to show proof that you intentionally used fake currency as original currency, were aware you were giving a false document or it was to your knowledge that you tried to pass off fake goods as if they were original. It is not enough to confirm that you were engaged in a deal that involved the use of counterfeit goods, documents, or currency.


Challenging the claims by prosecutors of the intention becomes the only feasible strategy of defense just like other many tactics. This means that to aggressively fight the charges of counterfeiting, you require to have a defense attorney with enough experience and who has an understanding of the statutes for federal counterfeiting as well as how the system of the court works.

Get an experienced Federal defense to fight charges for counterfeiting.

If you are charged with the use of fake money, counterfeit goods, or documents, you may consider having representation by experienced federal defense attorneys. With no strategic and aggressive defense, you risk the danger of being imprisoned for years as well as being fined heavily.

At our firm, we have years of experience in assisting individuals with charges of counterfeiting. We have both the resources, skills, and knowledge needed to successfully defend you and fight for your rights.

Federal Counterfeiting Defense Attorney

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