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Todd Spodek (Managing Partner)

Mr. Spodek decided early on in his life to focus his education and experience on trial work. Todd Spodek attended Northeastern University in Boston, MA and majored in criminal justice. This background provided an indispensable tool in the representation of criminal defendants in grand jury investigations, pre-trial hearings, trial, appeals and navigating the corrections process.…

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Human trafficking combating efforts are now intense due to its growth in the U. S. One of the top priorities of the U. S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is bringing human traffickers to justice. The DOJ has hence steadily increased trafficking investigations, prosecutions, and convictions. Due to this, there has been a 79% increase in the number of cases that have been filed. Of these cases, 71% were in the name of defendants. 68% of the defendants were facing a sentence between the years 2009 to 2016.

It is high time for you to protect your future, whether you are under investigation or you are facing human trafficking charges. The same case applies when you are facing severe penalties over previous convictions.

You can be assured to count on us since we dedicate ourselves to defending your rights and fighting the charges against you aggressively. For us to defend you successfully, we are equipped with enough resources and experience. The sooner we start working on your case, the better the chances you have to fight the charges successfully in case you are facing federal human trafficking charges.


There are several statutes under which you could be charged for a criminal offense concerning human trafficking at the federal level which includes;

  • Sex trafficking: According to Section 1591, sex trafficking is a criminal offense. It is defined as making an individual indulge in sexual acts for commercial purposes. When convicted under the commercial sex act, you are said to have engaged in the exchange of valuables. Conditions may include the usage of force, force, coercion, or even any conduct that involves minors.
  • Peonage: Under Section 1581 of Title 18, it makes it illegal holding an individual in a “debt servitude,” or peonage, which are in correlation with involuntary servitude. Section 1581 prohibits compelling an individual to work against his/her will by the usage of force, forceful threats, or even legal coercion threats.
  • Involuntary servitude: Section 1584 of Title 18 is against the law to hold an individual in slavery conditions, which is a person, must provide service or does labour unwillingly. The involuntary servitude of a victim must be tied to a debt payment.
  • Forceful labour: In 18 U.S.C. § 1589, is a part of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA). It was recently passed, making it unlawful exchanging services or labour through one of the three illegal means from an individual.
  • Trafficking concerning peonage, service that isn’t voluntary, or even forceful work: In Section 1590 of Title 18, it makes it a criminal offense in recruiting, harbouring, transporting, providing/obtaining through any means, any individual to get labour and services in violation of this chapter knowingly.


In case you are convicted for human trafficking offenses, the statutes relating to your convictions are dependent on the potential penalties that you may face. An example, a sentence under Section 1590 of Title 18, human trafficking concerning peonage, involuntary servitude, forced labor carries up to 20 years imprisonment. In a case where death occurs from the underlying conducts, or the offense is otherwise escalated, there is a possibility of facing life imprisonment.

There is a variation in sex trafficking penalties. In a scenario where the victim is below the age of 14 or the crime in question involves force, fraud, or coercion, the penalty may be any time of years or even life. If the victim is of ages 14 to 18, then the penalty is 40 years.


For the assurance of your rights being protected and for you to get started with your defense. If you believe that you are being targeted for federal human trafficking investigations or already have been charged with a human trafficking-related crime, you should consult with a federal defense attorney who is quite experienced immediately.

We at our law firm, we have enough experience and commitment that is required to defend you successfully. Protecting you, your rights, and also your future is what we are committed to doing at all times. Being former federal prosecutors, our attorneys has the right knowledge and experience required in the strategizing aspect. These aspects are the ones the government’s attorney uses to lead an investigation and prosecution of human trafficking crimes and will put this knowledge and experience to work to protect you.


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