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Ever since the 1970s, there are some federal laws like the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, which have been given the go-ahead to ensure that our environment and wildlife resources are protected. In case either you or your company violate these laws, the state or even the federal government can bring criminal charges against you.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and the Department of Justice are the federal agencies that have enough resources for them to investigate and also prosecute environmental crimes. To build criminal cases which are strong against the individuals or the corporations who are allegedly in violation of the federal environmental law, the Special Agents of the EPA’s Criminal Investigation Division, Special Agents of the Fish and Wildlife Service, and investigators from the federal state who are specially trained and finally the local agencies usually work together with one or more of the DOJ’s 43 Environmental Crime Section prosecutors.

You need to fight the prosecution’s case with an aggressive defence thoroughly in case you and your business are under investigation on an environmental crime or even if you have already been charged with one. At our company, we help in preventing the investigation or prosecution from ruining your business, your reputation, and also your future due to our experience in the federal court, the required skills as a trial lawyer, and even the resources necessary.


The Clean Air Act, Federal Hazardous Material Transportation Law, Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, Federal Water Pollution Act, and the Ocean Dumping Act are the statutes which are included in the federal environmental laws. These statutes can be violated in several ways, like:

  • Spillage of oil
  • Spillage of hazardous materials
  • Transportation or disposal of waste which are toxic unlawfully
  • Disposing pollutants into the water
  • Removing or disposing of asbestos or toxic materials improperly
  • Misusing of pesticides
  • Water supply endangerment
  • And several other violations of the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, or even the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

The environmental laws of the state and the local governments tend to be similar to the federal statutes; hence, in many scenarios, the same acts constitute violations of the laws for both the federal state and the local government. Therefore, it is quite usual to find the federal state and the local agents task forces for the environmental crimes working together during the investigation and prosecution processes for these crimes.


Since environmental cases can end up in a federal court, if you are under investigation or you are being charged with an environmental crime, it tends to be vital for you to have an attorney who is as a federal trial lawyer and has the experience in handling federal cases. It is also quite crucial that your attorney has a good understanding of the EPA investigations and even the specific standards that are involved in environmental causes.

During an environmental case, the prosecutor is supposed to prove that the violation was intentional, but it was not due to a mistake or accident. To determine the criminal intentions, in most cases, proof of an actual pollution event is required (e.g., disposing of a pollutant into a water body, an air pollutant emission, or even discharging of toxic waste on land). Hence, the government has to prove that you did that intentionally. In your defense, it is possible to say that you were not aware of the violation, or it occurred mistakenly.

In other cases, the environmental charges may come hand in hand with additional relatable charges like conspiracy, mail or wire fraud, money laundering, or other federal financial crimes. For you to protect your rights and your future, having an attorney who has vast experience in defending against these types of white-collar criminal charges is very important.


You need to protect your rights and future by working with a defense attorney who is quite experienced in fighting environmental crimes charges in the federal court, in case you are being investigated or already you have been formally indicted. Harsh penalties such as; incarceration and huge fines can be a result of a conviction. It is therefore essential not to delay in contacting our offices as soon as the need arises.

At our company, we are quite experienced in assisting our clients who are under investigation or are being charged with environmental crimes. We have gained adequate knowledge, experience and resources to successfully defend you and also get the best possible outcome for your future due to our extensive federal court experience.



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