11 Aug 23

Long Island Child Support Lawyers

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Understanding Child Support: Responsibilities and Payments

Introduction to Child Support

In simple terms, child support is an amount of money that is ordered to be paid by a non-custodial parent to the custodial parent. Even if there is a joint custody agreement in place, one parent will likely be ordered to make payments to the other for the child.

Payment Dynamics

The parent who is ordered to pay the support is usually the one who makes the most money. The one who receives the support is often the one who has the child in the home the most. However, a child support payment does not mean that the custodial parent should stop financially caring for the child as the needs of the child must be met at all times. Payments could be ordered even if the absent parent doesn’t have a job or doesn’t have contact with the child. There will be a minimum amount ordered, and it’s the responsibility of the absent parent to find the means to make sure the payment is made on time.

Determining Child Support Amount

The amount of child support that the absent parent is required to pay is determined using a worksheet that is designed by the state. There are a few factors that are looked at when child support payments are calculated, such as the number of other children that the absent parent has as well as the number of hours that the parent works. The income amount is also carefully examined. Sometimes, the court will look at the income of the custodial parent. If the custodial parent makes the same amount or more than the absent parent, then there is a possibility that the payment amounts could be lower.

Purposes of Child Support

There are several things that child support can be used for, namely to ensure that the child’s physical and emotional needs are being met. Support payments can be used to pay for school supplies, clothing, shoes, utility payments that provide for the care of the child and food. Child support is meant to be a resource for the custodial parent so that the child is kept out of a situation where neglect could occur or a homeless situation might arise.

Filing for Child Support

A New York City child support attorney can assist in filing the proper documents so that payments can begin. The attorney will look at the income of the custodial parent as well as the needs of the child. This information is then used to fight for the correct amount that should be given for the support of the child. If support payments are not made on time, then the attorney can go to court for the custodial parent to file a motion to show cause as to why the payments are not being made. The attorney can also ask for an increase in the amount of support ordered if there is proof that the absent parent begins making more money or if there is a drastic change in the living conditions of the child with the custodial parent.