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Bergen County Divorce Lawyers

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Last Updated on: 2nd October 2023, 06:51 pm

Getting Divorced in Bergen County: The Importance of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

When getting divorced in Bergen County, the question “Do I need a divorce lawyer?” often arises. The answer to this question is always “Yes” because of the complexity of getting a divorce. A divorce is a legal ending of a marriage. To end a marriage, spouses must resolve issues regarding finalizing a divorce, such as child custody, property division, or alimony. This can often be confusing because Bergen County divorce laws are so complicated.

A Divorce Lawyer Protects Against Spouse Bullying

A spouse who doesn’t want a divorce or wants to punish the other spouse for ending the marriage may use bullying tactics to get what they want. This means hearing threats of never seeing children again or ending up broke. This can take a toll on the spouse hearing these threats and enduring the bullying. They can often become submissive and give in to phony threats. A divorce lawyer can ensure these things don’t happen by providing protection. This may be protection via the court system through temporary orders. For instance, a lawyer can go to court for a temporary restraining order or child custody order to help their client against spousal bullying.

A Bergen County Divorce Lawyer Provides Legal Advocacy

Divorce falls under family law. It has many rules, statutes, and procedures to end a marriage. A person trying to get a divorce can often mess up their chances of resolving divorce-related issues because they don’t know these rules. A divorce lawyer does know these rules and will guide their client through the divorce process. They will explain each procedure, statute or regulation and discuss options to resolve it.

A Divorce Lawyer Provides Objective and Qualified Support to Their Client

It is normal to turn to friends and family for advice. However, unless they are a legal professional, they cannot provide the type of advice a divorce lawyer can. Also, friends and family won’t give legal advice to make the right decision in a divorce. Family and friends are a great source of strength and comfort during a divorce. They just aren’t qualified to provide the legal advice needed.

Another thing a divorce lawyer does for a client is provide objective advice. Divorce is an emotional time. It is a time when emotions run from positive to negative. These negative emotions can cause spouses to do harmful things like stall the divorce to fight over property they don’t want. A divorce lawyer provides a calm legal voice in the storm of divorce. They often remind a client of what is important: getting a divorce.

A Divorce Lawyer Ensures Proper Documentation is Filed

Lawyers are paid to draft, serve and file divorce documents within the proper time. A person without a divorce lawyer can file, serve and draft documents, but they may not do it within the appropriate time frame. They also may complete the documents incorrectly or send them to the wrong court. This will prevent or hinder them from obtaining their divorce. It’s always best to hire a divorce lawyer.

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Bergen County

You may want to end your divorce. You may not want a divorce, but your spouse does. The most important thing a divorce lawyer can do is to protect your legal interests. Your lawyer is best for the job whether you want the marital house or debts paid. A divorce is not easy. However, a lawyer can often take the sting out of going through a divorce with legal advice and protection.


Do I need a divorce lawyer?

  • Yes. A divorce is a complex process; having a lawyer can help navigate the legal complexities.

Can a divorce lawyer protect against spouse bullying?

  • Yes. A divorce lawyer can protect the court system by obtaining temporary orders, such as restraining or child custody orders, to help their client against spousal bullying.

What can a Bergen County divorce lawyer provide?

  • A Bergen County divorce lawyer can provide legal advocacy by guiding clients through the divorce process and explaining the rules, statutes, and procedures involved.

Why should I hire a divorce lawyer?

  • Hiring a divorce lawyer ensures proper documentation is filed within the appropriate time frame, preventing any hindrances in obtaining the divorce.
  • A divorce lawyer also provides objective and qualified support, offering the necessary legal advice to make the right decisions during an emotional time.

What are the benefits of hiring a divorce lawyer in Bergen County?

  • A divorce lawyer can protect your legal interests and provide advice and protection throughout the divorce process, making the experience less difficult.