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Domestic Violence Lawyers in Los Angeles

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Last Updated on: 21st August 2023, 04:08 am

Domestic violence exists as a serious problem within the United States, and it requires the careful action of a lawyer. When we say domestic violence, we mean anything where emotional, physical or financial abuse happens within a relationship. On any given day, the police in Los Angeles respond to 130 calls of domestic violence. That should give you an idea about the scale of this problem. In most cases, domestic violence negatively impacts women and children the most, but you do have cases where men have been the subject of domestic abuse. The big difference is that they often don’t report it.

Prevalence of the Problem

Statistics have shown that over 40 percent of all the women living in Los Angeles will experience domestic abuse at some point in their life. That should underline the extent of the problem. It’s an alarming figure, and people who find themselves in relationships like this shouldn’t walk, they should run away from them. You have many cases where people have killed their partner in a domestic violence case. It isn’t as uncommon as you might think, and if you happen to be in a relationship like this, it is imperative that you leave. No more excuses for staying. Don’t let them give you the sad puppy eyes as you try to leave.

Protected under Federal Law

Domestic violence laws protect the victims of this heinous crime under both federal and state laws. Victims could seek relief within the civil and criminal court system. In some cases, the victims have worked with law enforcement to determine how to proceed against an abuser and build a case against them.

Someone who finds themselves in these cirumcstances may want to seek the Violence Against Women Act because of how this provides them with the necessary resources to get out of an abusive relationship and take legal action against the abuser. No one deserves to be abused, and it is not acceptable. Don’t accept excuses.

Laws Differ from State to State

Every state will have different domestic violence laws. In some cases, the laws can differ dramatically, which is why you should seek a lawyer specifically from your state because they can give you the most detailed and specific information to your case. In some states, the problem has become so serious that they have adopted preferred arrest policies where they must arrest one or both people at the scene of the crime. Either that or they will have to write a report detailing why they didn’t arrest anyone. If a certain criteria of seriousness has been met, some states require a mandatory arrest.

In some cases, people can even terminate their leases early if they find themselves in an abusive relationship with someone. This helps so that they don’t feel trapped in the relationship to maintain the leasing agreement. Even if you live in a state where that policy doesn’t exist, you should still leave the relationship. Your life and wellbeing is far more important than the lease.

Protecting the Victims of Domestic Abuse

Unfortunately, this is an unsightly problem within our society that has proven difficult to address because of how widespread it is. The victims of domestic abuse require protection, and laws exist that can help them. They should speak with their lawyer as soon as possible because of how this can detail some of the resources that they could seek, and they could look at the potential legal actions that they could take against the person. Criminal and civil legal actions can be taken against anyone who has committed domestic violence.

You should seek legal assistance as soon as possible if you have found yourself in this situation. In some cases, you may not even feel comfortable testifying in court against the person. For those situations, you might have the lawyer represent you. Meanwhile, you will remain hidden and away from harm. This is an understandable thing because you have many cases where the other person fears for their life. The courts have taken this into consideration, and they have opted to allow for people to send in someone else who can represent them to the court system.