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Bronx Divorce Lawyer

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Reasons for Divorce

There are many reasons that couples end up getting a divorce. For many, it is simply because they have fallen out of love, while for others it might be something much more complicated than that. While everyone enters into a marriage with the anticipation that the union is for life, those dreams can come crashing down months or years down the road. For some, the breakup is amicable in nature and the divorce finalized inside a few days. Other cases are much more involved. If that is the case, you will want to have a Bronx divorce lawyer on your side to make sure your rights are protected in the end.

Divorce in the Bronx

As with most areas of the country, divorces in New York can be either straight forward or rather complex. Much of it has to do with the complexity of the marital assets and the extent to which the couple can agree on a settlement. There will be times when a lawyer becomes a necessity. Even if you and your spouse are splitting up on good terms, you will have certain financial interests that you need to ensure are protected. There may also be child custody and visitation issues to work out, along with a host of other matters that cannot be easily spelled out in a simple piece of paper.

When one party of the other in a marriage decides to file for a divorce, they will petition an officer of the court to do so. Papers are then drawn up and delivered to the other partner. In many cases, those papers are signed and the terms of the divorce agreed to. It is when the terms are undecided, or the two parties simply cannot agree upon them, that the divorce becomes a bit more complicated. Sometimes a mediator can help iron out those unresolved differences. If not, a judge will usually need to intervene.

Legal Implications of Divorce

There are numerous legal implications to consider when filing for a divorce in the Bronx. Depending upon your circumstances, there could be child custody matters to consider. If you cannot agree on a plan for your children, then a judge will need to decide. This will impact visitation rights, whether or not the spouse with custody can move outside of the area, and much more. If you have a child, you will want a Bronx divorce lawyer representing you in order to protect your parental rights.

Assets, both property and financial, are up for debate during a divorce proceeding. If you have substantial holdings that were acquired before the marriage, those may or may not become a part of the divorce settlement. There are also potential matters of spousal support to consider as well. These can all get rather sticky, particularly if we are looking at quite a few assets to divide up. Testimony may need to be gathered, evidence compiled, and statements taken in order for the judge to make a final ruling. Because of this, complicated divorce settlements can take months to decide without the proper legal guidance.

What Can A Bronx Divorce Lawyer Do For You?

A divorce is an emotionally tumultuous time. You will have many things to take care of, to the point that you life can seem like it is crashing in on you. You will want a Bronx divorce lawyer by your side to give you sound advice and to guide your decision making process. Your lawyer will also see that your best interests are protected. Contact our office today to begin the process.