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New York Abuse & Neglect Lawyer

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New York Laws and Consequences for Child Abuse and Neglect

New York has stringent laws involving the abuse and neglect of minors. This is a serious offense with severe consequences. Abuse of a child can involve many forms, including mental, physical, sex abuse, emotional abuse and denial of care.

Unfortunately, some people make accusations to win custody or get the upper hand on the other parent. Any person at the mercy of child abuse accusations should contact an attorney at their earliest convenience. This is something that should be addressed immediately. An allegation of this sort can damage your reputation and land you in jail for a long time.

Consequences of Conviction

If you are convicted of abuse and neglect of a child, you could be arrested and spend several years behind bars. If you are accused of this type of abuse during divorce proceedings, you could be stripped of all your parental rights. This is why individuals who have been charged should seek out proper representation to clear his or her name. A skilled attorney will help you at all costs. They will also do everything possible to ensure the child’s rights are not violated.

Life-long Repercussions

An accusation against someone for abuse can have life-long repercussions for the child and the parent. The relationship may never be repaired. Family courts are very reluctant even to allow individuals who have been accused to visit their child even supervised.

Importance of Hiring an Attorney

  • Hiring an experienced child abuse attorney is the best way to prove your innocence.
  • Your attorney will fight for your rights and ensure a fair hearing.

Reporting Child Abuse

However, any individual with reason to believe their child has suffered abuse of any type should contact the police immediately. This is a situation that should be acted upon as quickly as possible. Also, any woman who has been abused and neglected to report abuse against the child can be charged. A reasonable attorney will do all they can to help the family and prepare paperwork.

The Investigation Process

In New York, the Association for Children’s Services will thoroughly investigate the matters. The accused parent can either be found guilty in the family court of having caused the abuse, or they will be cleared. The inquiry will consist of the interviewing of several individuals. There is no period for how long the study may take. It could last for ten days or 30 days.

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Your Rights and Legal Representation

Any person accused of abusing a child should know their rights. You must contact a lawyer immediately. These are severe charges that can rock the family to its core. Call an experienced attorney today for a free consultation. You will receive a case assessment when called for a free consultation. Your legal counsel will provide strategies to help address the charges.

Never attempt to represent yourself. When it comes to very severe yet delicate situations like this, it is unwise to go into a courtroom without the benefit of an attorney. You could inadvertently say something that could be misconstrued. You should only let an individual fully aware of abuse and neglect laws help you. This could be the difference between you going to jail or walking free. Get a consultation today.


Q: What are the consequences of child abuse and neglect in New York?
A: If convicted, one could face arrest and spend several years behind bars. Parental rights can be stripped during divorce proceedings.
Q: How can hiring an attorney help in child abuse cases?
 A: An experienced attorney will help prove innocence, fight for rights, and ensure a fair hearing.
Q: Who should be contacted if child abuse is suspected?
A: The police should be contacted immediately to act quickly. Failure to report abuse can also result in charges.
 Q: What is the investigation process for child abuse cases in New York?
A: The Association for Children’s Services will conduct a full investigation, which may last for varying periods.
Q: Is hiring a lawyer when accused of child abuse necessary?
A: It is imperative to contact a lawyer immediately, as these charges can have serious consequences. Representing oneself in court is unwise and could unintentionally lead to misinterpretation.