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Bronx Prenup Lawyers

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Bronx Prenup Lawyers – Advice in Simple Words

Getting hitched in the Bronx? A prenup is something to consider. Prenups get a bad rap, but they can help both spouses feel more secure. Here’s some plain advice about working with Bronx prenup attorneys.

What’s a Prenup?

A prenup is a legal contract couples sign before getting married. It says who gets what if they divorce later. Prenups allow spouses to keep assets they had before marriage. They can also decide who keeps stuff gotten during the marriage.

New York law says prenups can cover things like[1]:

  • How to split up property and debts
  • Spousal support payments (also called alimony)
  • Who inherits what
  • Who keeps gifts and inheritances received during the marriage

Prenups allow spouses to avoid fights about money if they split up. When done right, prenups make both spouses feel respected.

Why Get a Bronx Prenup?

Here are some reasons a Bronx prenup makes sense[2]:

  • You have assets you wanna protect, like a family business or inheritance.
  • You’ve been married before and want to provide for kids from past relationships.
  • You want control over property division vs. leaving it to New York law.
  • You or your partner expects to receive large gifts or inheritances during the marriage.

The right Bronx prenup lawyer can draft an agreement tailored to your unique situation.

How to Find a Bronx Prenup Attorney

Picking the right prenup lawyer is key. Look for one with lots of prenup experience who understands complex money issues[3]. Good places to find candidates include:

  • Asking married friends and family for referrals
  • Checking online reviews of local family law attorneys[4]
  • Contacting the Bronx County Bar Association
  • Researching lawyers at top regional firms with Bronx offices[5]

Schedule consultations and ask about their specific prenup experience. Make sure they regularly handle complex asset division. Personality fit also matters.

What Does a Bronx Prenup Lawyer Do?

A knowledgeable prenup lawyer can[6]:

  • Advise about enforceability: Ensure your prenup meets New York requirements.
  • Handle financial disclosures: Get needed documents to include.
  • Explain legal impacts: Describe how property division and support work in New York without a prenup.
  • Draft the agreement: Create a customized prenup addressing assets, support, and other terms.
  • Negotiate terms: Help find compromises if you and your partner disagree.
  • Review at signing: Explain the prenup’s effects and ensure proper signing procedures.
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They can also refer you to financial specialists to value assets if needed. Overall, they use their expertise to make the process smooth.

What’s the Cost for a Bronx Prenup Lawyer?

Prenup lawyer fees vary based on experience, complexity, and location. According to a survey by Nolo, couples paid $1,500-$3,000 on average for a lawyer-drafted prenup.

In the Bronx, expect to pay:

  • Junior lawyers: $200-$300 per hour
  • Experienced lawyers: $300-$500+ per hour
  • Total cost for a basic prenup: $2,000-$4,000
  • Total cost for a complex prenup: $4,000-$10,000+

Factors that increase costs include substantial assets, negotiations, and significant revisions. While not cheap, a good prenup provides peace of mind.

When to Get a Bronx Prenup

It’s best to start the prenup process 2-3 months before your wedding. This gives time for:

  • Initial lawyer meetings
  • Exchanging financial information
  • Drafting and negotiating the agreement
  • Making any needed revisions
  • Reviewing the final prenup with your lawyer before signing

Last-minute prenups often get tossed out if challenged later. Courts want to see you had adequate time for review and didn’t sign under pressure.

What’s Needed for a Valid New York Prenup?

To withstand legal scrutiny, New York prenups must meet certain requirements:

  • In writing: An oral agreement won’t cut it.
  • Signed voluntarily: Forcing someone to sign makes a prenup voidable.
  • Full financial disclosure: Assets, income, debts, etc. must be attached.
  • Notice to review: Each party should have their own lawyer and adequate time to review.
  • Limits on waiving spousal rights: Can’t completely waive partner’s inheritance rights or eliminate spousal support obligations.
  • Conscionability: Agreement must be fair and equitable overall.

An attorney will ensure all requirements are met for enforceability down the road. The more one-sided or unreasonable the agreement, the higher the risk of a successful challenge.

What Can Be Included in a Bronx Prenup?

Prenups are highly customizable to a couple’s unique situation. Common provisions in Bronx prenups include:

  • Separate property: Assets each spouse enters the marriage with stay separate, like an inheritance or premarital business.
  • Marital property division: How jointly acquired assets and debts will be divided, often not 50/50.
  • Inheritances and gifts: Keep gifts and inheritances received during marriage as separate property.
  • Increases in value: Whether the increased value of separate property remains separate or becomes marital.
  • Spousal support waiver or limitation: Limits on amount and duration, often based on length of marriage.
  • Life insurance: Requirements to maintain life insurance to protect spouse.
  • Property rights: Waive rights to certain property like a business or professional degree.
  • Account for children: Terms for child custody, support, college costs, etc.
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Prenups also often have procedural provisions like where to file for divorce and choice of law clauses. The options are vast, limited only by what’s allowable under New York law.

What Rights Can’t Be Signed Away?

While prenups are meant to override state divorce laws, there are certain rights in New York that cannot be waived entirely:

  • The right to file for divorce or separation
  • Custody and visitation rights for children
  • A minimum right to marital property division
  • The right to seek alimony/spousal support
  • A minimum share of a spouse’s estate

For example, the prenup can’t say one spouse gives up all rights to marital property or alimony. They’d still have the right to go to court and ask for some share.

Child support also can’t be waived since it’s the right of the child. However, custody and college costs can be addressed.

Can a Bronx Judge Throw Out a Prenup?

Yes, a judge can rule all or part of a prenup unenforceable. Common reasons include:

  • Lack of financial disclosure
  • Not having adequate time to review it
  • Unfairly favors one spouse
  • Signed under pressure
  • Against public policy, like limiting child support

Judges also consider factors like when it was signed, each spouse’s lawyer, and any life changes since. For the best shot at enforceability, have an experienced attorney draft your prenup.

Can a Prenup Protect Assets in the Bronx?

Totally, a well-written prenup can effectively protect assets if you divorce. Examples include:

  • Pre-marriage business: Keep a business you had before marriage as separate property.
  • Inherited money: Shield an inheritance or trust fund from being divided.
  • Separate investments: Keep investments bought with non-marital money as individual property.
  • Real estate: Prevent a vacation home from becoming marital property.
  • Stock options: Define how unvested options and restricted stock units are split.

Without a prenup, New York says most assets acquired during marriage are marital property to be split 50/50. A prenup allows custom splitting based on each spouse’s contributions and sitch.

What if We Don’t Get a Prenup?

New York divides marital property “equitably” (not always equally) in a divorce. The court looks at factors like:

  • Each spouse’s income and property
  • How long the marriage lasted
  • Each spouse’s age and health
  • Custody arrangements
  • Who will get the house
  • Each spouse’s future money chances

The court aims for a fair split considering the circumstances. Without a prenup, there’s less certainty how assets will be divided if you split up.

Let a Bronx Prenup Lawyer Help

A solid prenup provides peace of mind if you ever divorce. The right Bronx prenup lawyer can make the process smooth and protect you both. Take time to choose a lawyer you connect with and trust.