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Best Portland Divorce Lawyers

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Key Points: How a Portland Divorce Lawyer Can Help

Your Portland Divorce Lawyer May Help You Win Your Case

Every person who has gone through a Portland divorce can tell you just how incredibly difficult it is. It is not something that any person wants to have to wade through on their own. It is so challenging because you are hit with the emotional turmoil of it at the same time that you have to try to deal with logistical problems that come along as a result of getting divorced as well. In short, it is not easy. Hiring an attorney can help alleviate at least some of that burden for you so that you may begin to focus on the things that really matter in life.

Attorneys Provide Peace Of Mind

There is just something about being able to say you have an attorney working on it that is so satisfying. It immediately brings a sense of relief to proceedings. You know that you have a real expert out there who is going to work on this project for you single-mindedly until it is done. That is not something that you might be able to say about yourself.

The calm and cool that comes with hiring a lawyer is great because it allows you to devote more of your time and resources to focusing on other things that also matter in your life. For example, you probably need to figure out how to handle your own emotional state after going through something like this.

They Make Sure All The Paperwork Is Done Properly

There are right ways and wrong ways to do the work that is set out before you here. You can easily make mistakes if you try to do some of the Portland divorce paperwork yourself. It is complex paperwork that is best left up to a professional to tackle. Portland Divorce attorneys spend many years in school learning how the courts want to see the paperwork turned in. It is their job to make sure that this is done correctly for you. The sooner that you can put this part of the work behind you, the better.

An incorrect or improper filing during Portland divorce proceedings can spell the end of your entire case. Do not allow this kind of thing to get away from you. You deserve to have your case heard and you deserve to get the best possible outcome. Attorneys can make sure both of those things happen.

Speaking To The Other Side

If you are like the average person you have probably been dreading speaking with the other side in your Portland divorce. Most of us would rather not talk to the person that we are attempting to split away from. There are too many raw emotions to have a productive conversation about anything. Luckily, the lawyer that you hire can have this chat for you. He or she can go ahead and make sure the other side understands your position on things and what you expect to get out of all of this.

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Negotiations can begin between your lawyer and that of your spouse. You don’t have to be in the room with your lawyer or your spouse while all of this is going on. Instead, you can simply allow them to do their thing and just enjoy the fact that you are not having to handle this personally on your own. That is one of the assets of having an attorney that people tend to appreciate the most.

Keeping Your Interests Number One

No one will fight as hard on your case for you as your attorney. That is a simple fact. A lot of people go to divorce attorneys every year to get their help when they are in such a tough bind. You can guarantee that the attorney will listen to you and do everything within his power to help because he is counting on doing well in your case in order to get paid. The interests of your attorney and yourself are aligned in these cases. Thus, you can rest assured that things will turn out okay for you if you just get to hiring an attorney to help you move the ball forward on your case and get you to the result that you have been desiring.

Can I Take Half the Money Out of Our Joint Bank Account?

A joint account is one that is registered with two or more parties. The account can be of the form of a transaction or savings account. You may open a joint account if you want to achieve a common goal that may include buying family property or planning a vacation as a married couple. It is wise to seek advice from family attorneys before taking any other action if you decide to divorce for one reason or another. Withdrawals from the joint account can only be made before the filing of the divorce papers by either of the two. There are legal measures that restrict such transactions after the couple has presented their case to a judge.

Seeking Legal Advice

Different matrimonial lawyers will give different advice according to your current situation. This is only possible after you give them relevant details. This may avert more complications in future during the court proceedings. Either party can withdraw an amount of their choice before the filing of divorce papers without worrying about the repercussions that this action can cause. Proper records of the transactions on the joint account are necessary to justify your case during the divorce hearings. Some restrictions are provoked if the divorce papers have already been filed. This court controls the amount that you can withdraw in order to protect you from being caught on the wrong side of the law. A court order should be sought if you are in dire need of money at this time.

Considerations and Implications

This is debatable because some lawyers think otherwise to this line of thought. Prior withdrawal of funds may make the husband feel played. This is because it may seem that you had planned to withdraw money from the joint account before filing for a divorce. It is advisable not to withdraw the cash if it seems to provoke the divorce proceedings. You should withdraw from the account if it is a case where the divorce is imminent due to well laid out complains. It would be wise to indicate if the amount is for daily bills or if it is for meeting the cost of your court representatives.

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Settlement and Division of Assets

The best advice involves getting into a settlement with your spouse with the aim of closing your account and sharing the amount in the account. You can go ahead and take half the amount if this is ruled out because of communication difficulties with your spouse. This is advisable because it is the amount that you will be entitled to in a normal situation after the divorce. You should file a court order if you need more money to meet your expenses.

Your spouse may have additional funds in their sole account. Divorce attorneys advise that you should not take more than half the amount even in this case. This usually leads to a money grab situation on the husband’s part and makes the breakup more complex. Caution should be taken in a situation where the husband cheekily cleans out the account. This may be done in a tactical effort to dry you out so that you are not be able to pay for legal services. You should not hesitate to withdraw from the joint account as a wise self-protective measure in this case.

What's the real cost of getting a divorce in Portland?

Let’s get real – divorce isn’t cheap. From legal fees to dividing assets, costs add up at every step.

The big question is – how much does it cost to get divorced in Oregon?

The short answer is, it varies. But on average, divorces in Oregon run between $11,000-$15,000.

What makes costs fluctuate? Well, it depends on your specific situation. The more complicated your case, the more you’ll pay. Things like:

  • How contentious the divorce is
  • Length of the marriage
  • Assets and property to divide
  • Retirement accounts
  • Owning a business
  • Having kids

You get the idea – the more complex the split, the pricier it gets.

Now let’s break down some common divorce costs in Oregon.

During the Divorce

Legal Fees

Even amicable divorces have fees. Filing paperwork costs around $273 per person in Oregon.

You’ll also pay to serve divorce papers to your spouse. Using a process server costs $50+.

Every court appearance and filing racks up fees too. It adds up!

Attorney Fees

Unless your divorce is simple, you need a lawyer. Their expertise saves you money in the long run.

Expect an initial consult fee, then hourly billing. Rates depend on the complexity of your case. The more issues, the higher the fees climb.

Ask upfront about billing practices so you know what to expect. Get fee details in writing.

In basic cases, you may pay a paralegal a flat rate for paperwork filing. But for complicated divorces, a lawyer is a must.

After the Divorce

Child Support

If you have kids, child support is a big cost. The parent with more overnights usually gets payments from the other.

Higher earning parents also cover more child expenses like medical bills. Use Oregon’s calculator to estimate payments.

Spousal Support

Also called alimony, spousal support helps the lower earning spouse post-divorce. There are 3 types in Oregon:

  • Transitional – Short-term, helps with re-entering workforce
  • Compensatory – Makes up for supporting spouse’s career
  • Maintenance – Long-term for unequal earning ability

Less Obvious Costs

  • Moving and setting up new households
  • Selling jointly owned property quickly/at lower value
  • Losing health insurance
  • Changing wills and life insurance
  • Potential credit score hit from joint debts
  • Increase in taxes from new filing status

The takeaway? Divorce gets pricey. But strategies like mediation can save money by avoiding trial. Know what’s worth fighting for, and what’s not. Hiring a lawyer upfront prevents mistakes that cost you for years.

While not cheap, divorce doesn’t have to break the bank if you make smart choices. Let me know if you have any other money questions!