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Long Island Divorce Mediation Lawyers

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Long Island Divorce Mediation

Divorces take a toll on everyone involved. Both spouses often suffer through a tremendous amount of emotional pain, frustration, stress, and depression from legal proceedings, and of course, the idea that their children will grow up in a home without two parents. And it’s perfectly normal to absorb all of these emotions during the course of the proceedings. It’s normal to be sad, angry, and scared. However, in recent years there is a new development in divorce proceedings called Mediation. This little light at the end of the tunnel gives couples a way to divorce in a way that is less “You vs Me” and more “Us vs Our Situation.”

Divorce Mediation: A Kinder, Gentler Approach

Divorce mediation is a kinder, gentler, more cooperative way to settle differences during a divorce proceeding. Instead of hashing everything out in the courts, a good mediator, someone who knows the law very well, steps in and helps you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse settle all the contentious issues surrounding the dissolution of your marriage.

Benefits of Mediation

Divorce mediation comes with a host of benefits, the first of which is cost. Mediation is often less costly than both parties hiring private attorneys and hashing things out in that way. When both parties hire separate attorneys, it can feel like both parties become enemies. In reality, both parties built a life together during a marriage. It may have lasted a month or it may have lasted 20 years or more, but either way, you’ve both cooperated this far and built a life together. Now that this arrangement – marriage – is ending, you might want to consider a more collaborative way to accomplish a divorce. Mediators work with BOTH parties to reach mutual decisions about contentious issues. In the process, they help both spouses realize the good in each other, the cooperative nature of the life they’ve built, and of course, they also help to reduce the costs of the divorce.

The biggest benefit is that it’s not going to be the courts deciding what is going to be the divorce arrangement between both parties. It’s the parties themselves who will determine their own course, and that can be a very rewarding feeling for both spouses. Instead of judges telling you both what’s right or wrong, you work with a mediator who has both of your interests at heart, and in the end you reach mutual decisions that benefit you, your ex-spouse, and your beloved children.

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Control is at the heart of mediation. Instead of a third-party – judge – deciding what is right for you and your spouse, you’ll be able to sit down with a neutral third party mediator who will skillfully help you both decide what’s right and wrong for both of you. There may be issues of custody, child support, alimony, and division of assets. Your first step is to contact a skillful mediator like SPODEK LAW GROUP lawyers. We’ll sit down with you and your partner, discuss your wants and needs, and then decide whether or not mediation is even possible. For some folks, the divide is so deep that there’s no way a mediator will help. You never know unless you try, though.

How We Can Help

The beginning of mediation is contacting a mediator like the ones at SPODEK LAW GROUP. Our mediation process is one of the best in the business, and we’re always here for spouses who want to try this more cost-effective way of mediating your divorce case. We sit down with both parties and have a good communication session, decide what the differences are, and then determine if everyone thinks it’s a good idea to go forward. This doesn’t cover our entire mediation process, but it’s the beginning of all good things about mediation. It’s simply more amicable and comfortable for both spouses, and it’s a big relief for many parties to know that they’re paying less for this type of divorce proceeding.

Not everything in mediation is always sunny. There will be many issues that might result in heated discussions and frustration. It’s the job of the mediator to help you both resolve these differences in a way that pushes the disagreements closer to a resolution. We want both you and your ex-spouse to work together as best as you can, and when things get a little iffy, we step in and provide the neutralization of contentious issues. That’s our job, and we’re proud to say that we do it well. In over 40 plus years of experience, we’ve helped countless couples with divorce mediation that is both compassionate and legally sound.

Contact Us Today

SPODEK LAW GROUP knows how to conduct skillful divorce mediation. It’s our goal to help each couple that comes to us for help in resolving any issues in a way that is respectful to both parties. We’re not afraid to halt a proceeding to let things cool down, and we’re masters of mediation from beginning to finish. The best thing about this kinder process is that it still results in a legally binding divorce agreement in Long Island. You get to your end goal in a different way, but the resulting divorce agreement is absolutely, 100% legally valid, and you’ll follow it just like you would if a court had issued all of the orders. If you’re interested in hiring a divorce mediator, please contact us today. We promise that our process is tried and true, that we’ve successfully helped couples resolve their differences and reach legally binding divorce agreements countless times before, and that we will be thorough, tough, but compassionate the entire way through your mediation. If all of this sounds like something you and your partner would be interested in, sit down and discuss it with them and then call us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our expert divorce mediators. We look forward to helping you and your spouse reach agreement in your important legal matters.