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The BEST LAWYER ANYONE COULD ASK FOR!!! Todd changed our lives! He’s not JUST a lawyer representing us for a case. Todd and his office have become Family. When we entered his office in August of 2022, we entered with such anxiety, uncertainty, and so much stress. Honestly we were very lost. My husband and I felt alone. How could a lawyer who didn’t know us, know our family, know our background represents us, When this could change our lives for the next 5-7years that my husband was facing in Federal jail. By the time our free consultation was over with Todd, we left his office at ease. All our questions were answered and we had a sense of relief.

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University of Texas, Austin Title IX Defense Lawyers

Title IX Defense for University of Texas at Austin StudentsIf you‘re a student at the University of Texas at Austin facing Title IX allegations, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and scared. Title IX cases can be complex and the consequences can be severe, including suspension or expulsion from school. But don‘t panic – you have rights and there are steps you can take to defend yourself.As a leading criminal defense law firm, we‘ve helped many students in your situation. We understand how stressful and confusing this process can be. In this article, we’ll break down what you need to know about Title IX and how to mount a strong defense.

Understanding Title IX

First, let‘s clarify what Title IX is. Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in education programs that receive federal funding. While it’s most commonly associated with equity in athletics, it also applies to sexual harassment and assault.Under Title IX, schools must investigate all reports of sexual misconduct. This includes harassment, assault, stalking, and intimate partner violence. Schools have to take prompt action to address the issue and prevent it from happening again.

UT Austin’s Title IX Process

At UT Austin specifically, the Title IX Office handles all reports of sex discrimination and sexual misconduct. When a complaint is filed, the office will reach out to the complainant (the person making the allegation) and respondent (the accused) to discuss supportive measures and resolution options.There are a few different paths a case can take:

  • Informal resolution – The complainant and respondent voluntarily agree to resolve the complaint without an investigation. This could involve mediation or restorative justice.
  • Formal investigation – A trained investigator interviews the parties and witnesses, gathers evidence, and writes a detailed report. Both parties can review the evidence and submit responses.
  • Hearing – For cases involving sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking, there will be a live hearing after the investigation. Each party can make opening and closing statements, and their advisors can cross-examine the other party and witnesses.

After the hearing, a hearing officer will determine if the respondent is responsible for violating the school’s policy. If they are found responsible, sanctions can range from a warning to expulsion. Either party can appeal the decision.

Consequences of Title IX Allegations

Make no mistake, Title IX allegations are serious and can have major ramifications on your education and future. Some potential consequences include:

Consequence Description
Suspension Temporary removal from classes and activities
Expulsion Permanent removal from the university
Transcript notation A note on your academic record about the disciplinary action
Loss of scholarships Scholarships, especially athletic ones, can be revoked
Difficulty transferring Other schools may be hesitant to admit you
Reputational damage Allegations can harm your reputation on campus and beyond

As you can see, there’s a lot at stake. That’s why it‘s crucial to take these allegations seriously and put together a solid defense strategy.

Defending Against Title IX Charges

Now that you have a basic understanding of the Title IX process, let‘s talk about how to actually defend yourself. Every case is unique, but here are some general tips:

1. Know your rights – You have the right to be treated equitably, to have an advisor present, to see the evidence against you, and to appeal an unfavorable decision. Don’t let the school trample on your rights.

2. Don’t talk to anyone except your lawyer – Resist the urge to explain your side of the story to friends, family, or school officials. Anything you say can be used against you. Politely decline to answer questions until you have a lawyer.

3. Preserve evidence – Save any relevant text messages, social media posts, emails, photos, or videos. Write down names of potential witnesses. Evidence that supports your version of events will be crucial to your defense.

4. Get a lawyer – Look, Title IX cases are complicated. You need an experienced attorney on your side who understands the law and the school‘s specific policies. Don’t try to handle this on your own. Invest in your future by hiring a skilled Title IX defense lawyer.

5. Poke holes in the school’s case – A good defense lawyer will thoroughly review the school‘s evidence and look for inconsistencies or weaknesses. Is the complainant credible? Do their statements align with the evidence? Are there other plausible explanations for what happened? Raising doubt can lead to a favorable outcome.

6. Consider a lawsuit – If you believe the school mishandled your case or discriminated against you, you may have grounds for a Title IX lawsuit. A lawsuit can potentially get a finding overturned, get you reinstated, or recover monetary damages.

7. Focus on healing – Dealing with Title IX allegations is incredibly stressful. Remember to take care of your mental health during this trying time. Lean on your support system. Consider counseling. Try to stay focused on your classes if possible. This will be a difficult chapter, but you will get through it.

Case Study: Our Client’s Successful Title IX Defense

To illustrate how an experienced attorney can help, let’s look at a recent case we handled for a student at UT Austin. Our client, a senior on the track team, was accused of sexually assaulting a female student at an off-campus party.He was shocked by the allegations, which he adamantly denied. He admitted they had hooked up but insisted it was consensual. However, the Title IX office launched an investigation and set a hearing date.Terrified he would lose his scholarship and have his reputation ruined, he hired our firm. We got to work poking holes in the complainant’s story.Upon reviewing the investigative report, we found several inconsistencies in her account of the night. We pointed out that she couldn’t remember key details and her story kept changing. We also uncovered a witness who said he saw them flirting and leaving the party together holding hands – suggesting the encounter was consensual.At the hearing, we aggressively cross-examined the complainant about these discrepancies. We presented our client’s calm, consistent version of events. In the end, the hearing officer found our client not responsible for any policy violations. He was cleared of all charges and able to graduate on time.Without a skilled defense team, our client could have been found responsible and lost everything he had worked so hard for. But with our help, he got the justice he deserved.

Finding the Right Title IX Defense Lawyer

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have an experienced Title IX attorney fighting for you. Don’t entrust your case to an overworked public defender or a lawyer who dabbles in Title IX defense. You need someone who specializes in these cases and knows how to win.When looking for a Title IX lawyer, consider these factors:

  • Specialty – Do they have specific experience with college sexual misconduct cases? How many Title IX cases have they handled?
  • Approach – You want a lawyer who will be your fierce advocate. Look for someone who is aggressive but also compassionate.
  • Reputation – Check online reviews and lawyer directories like Avvo to see what past clients have said. Have they won cases similar to yours?
  • Resources – Title IX cases often require expert witnesses, private investigators, and other resources. Make sure your lawyer has the tools to mount a winning defense.

At our firm, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality Title IX defense in Texas. Our team has decades of combined experience and a track record of success. We understand what‘s at stake and we will fight tirelessly to clear your name.

Title IX Defense FAQ

Still have questions about Title IX and your defense? Here are answers to some common questions we get from clients.Q: What’s the difference between a Title IX case and a criminal case?A: Title IX cases happen within the school’s disciplinary process. The worst official sanction is expulsion. Criminal cases happen in the legal system and can result in jail time. Sometimes an incident triggers both Title IX and criminal charges.Q: What standard of proof does UT Austin use?A: UT Austin uses the “preponderance of the evidence” standard. This means they must find it more likely than not (over 50% likely) that the misconduct occurred to find you responsible. This is a lower bar than “beyond a reasonable doubt” used in criminal court.Q: How long does a Title IX case take?A: The timeline can vary, but most cases take a few months from start to finish. UT Austin aims to complete the process within 60-75 business days. However, extensions are common.Q: Can I sue my accuser for defamation?A: Defamation lawsuits are very hard to win in Texas, especially in a “he said, she said” situation. Focus your energy on winning your Title IX case before thinking about a defamation suit.Q: How much does a Title IX lawyer cost?A: Attorney fees can vary widely based on the complexity of the case and the lawyer’s experience. Most defense lawyers bill hourly. While it may seem expensive, investing in a strong defense can save you money in the long run by protecting your education and future earning potential.

Wrapping Up

Facing Title IX allegations is undoubtedly scary. But you don’t have to face them alone. By understanding the process and getting the right legal team on your side, you can fight back against false allegations and protect your future.If you’re a UT Austin student dealing with a Title IX case, we’re here to help. Call us today for a free and confidential consultation. Let us put our experience to work for you and guide you through this challenging time. Together, we can work towards a favorable resolution and get your life back on track.

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