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The BEST LAWYER ANYONE COULD ASK FOR!!! Todd changed our lives! He’s not JUST a lawyer representing us for a case. Todd and his office have become Family. When we entered his office in August of 2022, we entered with such anxiety, uncertainty, and so much stress. Honestly we were very lost. My husband and I felt alone. How could a lawyer who didn’t know us, know our family, know our background represents us, When this could change our lives for the next 5-7years that my husband was facing in Federal jail. By the time our free consultation was over with Todd, we left his office at ease. All our questions were answered and we had a sense of relief.

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Grocery store usda violation Washington

April 28, 2024


Dealing with USDA Violations at Your Grocery Store in Washington

So, you run a grocery store in Washington. You work hard to keep things clean and follow all the rules. But one day, the USDA inspector shows up and hits you with a violation notice. What do you do?

First off, take a deep breath. Getting a USDA violation is definitely not ideal. But it’s not the end of the world either. With the right approach, you can get things back on track quickly.

In this guide, we’ll walk through exactly what those violation notices mean. And what your options are for dealing with them properly. We’ve got you covered with tips from legal experts and industry insiders.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is the USDA?

The USDA stands for the United States Department of Agriculture. It’s a federal agency that oversees and regulates many aspects of farming and food production/sales in the U.S.

Christine Twomey
Christine Twomey
Just had my Divorce case settled 2 months ago after having a horrible experience with another firm. I couldn’t be happier with Claire Banks and Elizabeth Garvey with their outstanding professionalism in doing so with Spodek Law Group. Any time I needed questions answered they were always prompt in doing so with all my uncertainties after 30 yrs of marriage.I feel from the bottom of my heart you will NOT be disappointed with either one. Thanks a million.
Brendan huisman
Brendan huisman
Alex Zhik contacted me almost immediately when I reached out to Spodek for a consultation and was able to effectively communicate the path forward/consequences of my legal issue. I immediately agreed to hire Alex for his services and did not regret my choice. He was able to cover my case in court (with 1 day notice) and not only was he able to push my case down, he carefully negotiated a dismissal of the charge altogether. I highly recommend Spodek, and more specifically, Alex Zhik for all of your legal issues. Thanks guys!
Guerline Menard
Guerline Menard
Thanks again Spodek law firm, particularly Esq Claire Banks who stood right there with us up to the finish line. Attached photos taken right outside of the court building and the smile on our faces represented victory, a breath of fresh air and satisfaction. We are very happy that this is over and we can move on with our lives. Thanks Spodek law 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼❤️
Keisha Parris
Keisha Parris
Believe every single review here about Alex Z!! From our initial consultation, it was evident that Alex possessed a profound understanding of criminal law and a fierce dedication to his clients rights. Throughout the entirety of my case, Alex exhibited unparalleled professionalism and unwavering commitment. What sets Alex apart is not only his legal expertise but also his genuine compassion for his clients. He took the time to thoroughly explain my case, alleviating any concerns I had along the way. His exact words were “I’m not worried about it”. His unwavering support and guidance were invaluable throughout the entire process. I am immensely grateful for Alex's exceptional legal representation and wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone in need of a skilled criminal defense attorney. Alex Z is not just a lawyer; he is a beacon of hope for those navigating the complexities of the legal system. If you find yourself in need of a dedicated and competent legal advocate, look no further than Alex Z.
Taïko Beauty
Taïko Beauty
I don’t know where to start, I can write a novel about this firm, but one thing I will say is that having my best interest was their main priority since the beginning of my case which was back in Winter 2019. Miss Claire Banks, one of the best Attorneys in the firm represented me very well and was very professional, respectful, and truthful. Not once did she leave me in the dark, in fact she presented all options and routes that could possibly be considered for my case and she reinsured me that no matter what I decided to do, her and the team will have my back and that’s exactly what happened. Not only will I be liberated from this case, also, I will enjoy my freedom and continue to be a mother to my first born son and will have no restrictions with accomplishing my goals in life. Now that’s what I call victory!! I thank the Lord, My mother, Claire, and the Spodek team for standing by me and fighting with me. Words can’t describe how grateful I am to have the opportunity to work with this team. I’m very satisfied, very pleased with their performance, their hard work, and their diligence. Thank you team!
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams
Hey, how you guys doing? Good afternoon my name is Anthony Williams I just want to give a great shout out to the team of. Spodek law group. It is such a honor to use them and to use their assistance through this whole case from start to finish. They did everything that they said they was gonna do and if it ever comes down to it, if I ever have to use them again, hands-down they will be the first law office at the top of my list, thank you guys so much. It was a pleasure having you guys by my side so if you guys ever need them, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give them a call.
Loveth Okpedo
Loveth Okpedo
Very professional, very transparent, over all a great experience
Bee L
Bee L
Amazing experience with Spodek! Very professional lawyers who take your case seriously. They treated me with respect, were always available, and answered any and all questions. They were able to help me very successfully and removed a huge stress. Highly recommend.
divesh patel
divesh patel
I can't recommend Alex Zhik and Spodek Law Firm highly enough for their exceptional legal representation and personal mentorship. From the moment I engaged their services in October 2022, Alex took the time to understand my case thoroughly and provided guidance every step of the way. Alex's dedication to my case went above and beyond my expectations. His expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome were evident throughout the entire process. He took the time to mentor me, ensuring I understood the legal complexities involved to make informed decisions. Alex is the kind of guy you would want to have a beer with and has made a meaningful impact on me. I also want to acknowledge Todd Spodek, the leader of the firm, who played a crucial role in my case. His leadership and support bolstered the efforts of Alex, and his involvement highlighted the firm's commitment to excellence. Thanks to Alex Zhik and Todd Spodek, I achieved the outcome I desired, and I am incredibly grateful for their professionalism, expertise, and genuine care. If you're in need of legal representation, look no further than this outstanding team.

One of the USDA’s main responsibilities is enforcing food safety standards at grocery stores, restaurants, processing plants, and other food facilities. They make sure companies are following all relevant laws and regulations when it comes to food handling, storage, labeling, and more.

The USDA employs inspectors who make routine visits to grocery stores, warehouses, processing plants, etc. If they find any violations of food safety rules, they can issue citations and fines.

So in a nutshell – the USDA is the federal watchdog making sure the food supply in America is safe and regulated properly.

Common USDA Violations at Grocery Stores

There are a number of potential violations the USDA can cite grocery stores for. Some of the most common ones include:

– Improper storage temperatures (for refrigerated/frozen foods)
– Poor sanitation or pest issues
– Lack of proper food safety plans or employee training
– Inaccurate labeling or ingredient lists
– Selling adulterated, misbranded or contaminated foods

Basically, anything that could potentially make food unsafe for consumption is fair game for a USDA violation.

The specifics will depend on which regulation or section of the Food Code was violated. But in general, USDA citations involve either a risk to public health, lack of active managerial control over food safety, or other operational issues.

So what happens if you get dinged for a violation? Let’s look at the potential consequences.

Penalties for USDA Violations

If the USDA inspector finds a violation at your grocery store, they’ll issue you an official citation notice. This outlines exactly what the violation was, what regulation was broken, and any potential fines or penalties.

For minor, easily-correctable violations, you may just get a warning on the first offense. The USDA will give you a time frame to fix the issue and come back into compliance.

But for more serious or repeated violations, you could face heftier consequences like:

– Fines (which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per violation)
– Mandatory food safety training for employees
– More frequent USDA inspections
– Having to cease operations until violations are corrected
– Potential product seizures or recalls
– Criminal charges for willful violations that put public health at risk

The penalties get more severe for violations that allow contaminated food to reach consumers. Or for repeat offenders who fail to make corrections after previous citations.

So those USDA violation notices are definitely not something you want to just ignore or brush off. Depending on the situation, there could be major financial and legal consequences for your business.

But before we get into how to deal with violations, there’s an important point to understand.

USDA Violations Are Strict Liability – No Excuses

Here’s a critical thing to know about USDA food code violations: they are considered “strict liability” offenses.

What does that mean? Basically, it doesn’t matter if the violation was an honest mistake or a freak accident. You’re still liable and can be penalized, period.

The USDA doesn’t care if the food temp was off because an employee forgot to close the fridge door. Or if there were mouse droppings because a door was left open overnight. Those are just excuses – you’re still on the hook for the violation.

Strict liability puts 100% of the responsibility on the business to ensure full compliance at all times. No exceptions.

This is why having robust food safety protocols and training is so crucial. Even a minor lapse in procedures can open you up to costly USDA violations.

So now that we understand what these violations entail, let’s look at how to properly respond if you get hit with one.

How to Respond to a USDA Violation

If a USDA inspector cites your grocery store for a violation, the first step is to stay calm and professional. Getting angry or argumentative won’t help the situation.

You’ll be given an official report detailing the specifics of the violation(s). Read through it carefully and make sure you understand exactly what the issue is.

From there, you have a few potential options on how to proceed:

1. Correct the Violation Immediately
For minor, easily-fixable violations, your best bet is usually to correct it right away during the inspector’s visit if possible.

Things like throwing out contaminated food, fixing broken refrigeration equipment, or cleaning up a pest issue can sometimes be resolved on the spot. If so, get it done ASAP.

The inspector should provide instructions on how to properly correct the violation. Follow them exactly and be sure to document the corrective actions you took.

2. Request a Re-Inspection
If the violation can’t be fixed immediately, you’ll get a time frame to correct it (usually 1-2 weeks). Use that period to thoroughly address and resolve the issue.

Once you’ve made corrections, you can request a re-inspection from the USDA. An inspector will return to verify you’ve fixed the violation properly.

If they approve the corrections, the case should be considered closed after you pay any applicable fines. If not, they may allow more time or potentially escalate penalties.

3. Appeal or Negotiate the Violation
In some cases, you may feel the violation was unfairly issued or too severe. If so, you can try to appeal or negotiate a more favorable resolution.

This usually involves providing evidence that you were in fact following proper food safety protocols. Or showing how the violation was an honest mistake and has been permanently corrected.

An experienced food safety lawyer can help make your case and negotiate with the USDA to potentially get violations downgraded or fines reduced.

4. Request a Hearing
As a last resort, you can also request a formal administrative hearing to contest the violation. This is like a mini trial where you can present evidence and arguments before a judge.

Hearings are only advisable if you have a very strong case and good chance of getting the violation overturned entirely. They can be costly and time-consuming.

Most USDA violations get resolved via options 1-3 above. But a hearing is there if you’ve exhausted all other routes and still believe the violation is unjustified.

The key thing is to take USDA violations seriously from the start. Ignoring them or failing to make corrections can quickly lead to compounding fines and penalties.

So be proactive about fixing any issues they cite. And if you disagree, go through proper appeals channels – but don’t simply disregard the violation notice.

Preventing Future USDA Violations

Of course, the best way to deal with USDA violations is to prevent them from happening in the first place. While not always possible, there are steps you can take to minimize risks.

Having robust food safety protocols and training for employees is job #1. Establish clear procedures for food storage, handling, sanitation, labeling, etc. And enforce them rigorously.

Conduct routine self-audits and inspections to identify any lapses or areas for improvement. Fixing issues internally before the USDA shows up can save major headaches.

You may also want to invest in tools and technology to streamline food safety compliance. This could include automated temperature monitoring systems, digital food logs, labeling software, and more.

The bottom line: make food safety an absolute priority for your entire operation. It’s the best way to avoid costly USDA violations that could jeopardize your business.

When to Seek Legal Counsel

For routine, easily-correctable violations, you may not need to involve a lawyer. But there are situations where professional legal counsel is highly advisable:

– You’re facing major monetary fines or penalties that could severely impact your business
– The USDA is threatening to suspend operations or execute a product recall
– You’re dealing with a repeated pattern of violations that could expose you to harsher sanctions
– You want to appeal a violation you believe was unfairly issued
– There’s a possibility of criminal charges for willful violations that put public health at risk

In high-stakes cases like these, it’s wise to have an experienced food and beverage attorney in your corner. They can ensure your rights are protected and give you the best chance at a favorable resolution.

A lawyer can also provide proactive guidance to help prevent future USDA issues. They can audit your food safety plans, processes, and documentation to identify any gaps or areas of non-compliance.

While it’s an extra expense, proper legal counsel is a small investment compared to the potential costs of serious USDA violations. Don’t hesitate to bring in professional help when the situation calls for it.

Food Safety Resources for Washington Grocers

If you need assistance with USDA regulations and compliance, there are some good resources available:

– Washington State Dept. of Agriculture: https://agr.wa.gov/
– USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service: https://www.fsis.usda.gov/
– FDA Food Code Reference: https://www.fda.gov/food/retail-food-protection/fda-food-code
– Food Marketing Institute (industry group): https://www.fmi.org/

You can find the full text of federal food safety laws, the FDA Food Code, inspection guidelines, and other helpful information on food compliance.

There are also private food safety consultants and law firms that specialize in helping the grocery/food service industry with USDA matters.

The key is being proactive about food safety training and compliance. Addressing issues before the USDA arrives can save you major headaches and financial penalties down the road.

So, what do you do if you get hit with one of these USDA violation notices?

The simple answer: take it seriously and act quickly to correct any issues. Be cooperative and follow protocols for fixing violations properly.

But also know your rights – if you truly believe a violation was unfair, you have options to appeal or negotiate. Getting professional legal guidance is advisable for major cases.

At the end of the day, public health and food safety have to be the top priorities for any grocery business. USDA regulations exist for good reasons – to protect consumers and prevent foodborne illnesses.

While no one wants violations, approach them as opportunities to improve food safety practices. Make corrections, learn from mistakes, and continually raise your standards.

It’s how you maintain a reputation for selling safe, high-quality groceries that customers can trust. And ensure your store remains compliant with all federal laws and regulations.

So don’t panic if the USDA inspector shows up – you’ve got this! Just follow proper procedures, and if needed, reach out to legal experts to help guide you through the process.

With diligence and the right approach, USDA violations can be resolved quickly and prevented going forward. Keeping your grocery operating smoothly and your customers’ safety protected.

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